Live Steam – Accucraft US

E6 Class Pennsylvania Railroad Live Steam 4-4-2

The E-6 class were the last 4-4-2 ‘Atlantic’ type locomotives built by the Pennsylvania Railroad. A total of 83 were constructed between 1910 and 1914. These modern design Atlantics featured a large and free-steaming boiler, outside Walschaerts valve gear, piston … More Info

P8 Southern Pacific Live Steam 4-6-2

Constructed by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1921, Southern Pacific’s fifteen P-8 class 4-6-2s #2461-2475 were obtained primarily for passenger service over the Ogden-Carlin segment of the railroad’s famed “Overland Route”. Over the route’s maximum gradient of 1.5%, a single P-8 was rated … More Info

Canadian Pacific ‘Selkirk’ Live Steam 2-10-4

Accucraft’s ‘Selkirk’ #5935 represents the last T-1c class 2-10-4 built. Constructed by Montreal Locomotive Works in February/March 1949 as CP 5930-5935, these six oil burning T-1c class locos remained in service less than 10 years; the railway was already replacing … More Info

J Class #611 Norfolk & Western Live Steam 4-8-4

Some would argue that the Norfolk & Western Railway’s J-class represents the zenith of steam passenger locomotive development in the United States. The class was introduced towards the end of steam on U.S. railroads, but was designed and built without … More Info

M6 Southern Pacific Live Steam 2-6-0

Steam Locomotive Numbers 1727 and 1744 were built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in November 1901 for the Southern Pacific Railroad. The locomotives entered regular service in December 1901. They were originally a Vauclain Compound having one … More Info