The Clearing House

‘The Clearing House’

We often get requests for items that are discontinued and similarly we get offered items to sell by customers or from estate sales.  Thus we are able to keep a list of requirements and available items, some of which are rare or hard to obtain.  We try to match up the two halves of this equation, either directly or via our dealers, with a view providing a useful service that ensures Accucraft and other locomotives and rolling stock find good homes.  Please contact us by ‘phone or email to discuss your requirements.

Here are a few choice items currently available, all for sale on behalf of known and trusted customers.  If you have items for sale we offer more favourable commission rates than many auction houses or firms offering to buy your collection.

Live Steam

Aster SNCF 232 U1 4-6-4 live steam with coal grate also available.  Superb condition model (more photos available for serious enquiries) – £5250.00

Accucraft live steam D&RGW C-16 2-8-0, nice, well cared for example – £1850.00

Aster Berkshire 2-8-4 converted to Southern Pacific form, No. 3509, fitted with a Coffin pre-heater, a rare model of a rare prototype (there were only 10 SP examples).  The model is in  great condition, RC fitted and comes with a wooden carry case – £3500.00

Accucraft Adams Radial Tank 4-4-2T in Southern Black, ex display model – £1795.00 (RRP £1995.00)

Accucraft KS ‘Victory’ 0-6-0T, GWR valve bonnet, black, ex display model – £1075.00 (RRP £1275.00)

Accucraft GWR 43XX Mogul 2-6-0 in early GWR green, ex display model – £2450.00 (RRP £2650.00)

Accucraft 1:32 scale Radial Tank 4-4-2T in Southern Railway green – £1795.00

Aster BR 5MT 4-6-0, No. 73051 in BR green, late crest.  From the original Aster series, this a superb kit-built example – £3750.00

Aster UP Challenger 4-6-6-4 – black (working steam turbine), kit built – £10,000.00

Aster-Accucraft Great Northern Heavy Mikado 2-8-2 No. 3202, new and unused in its original box – £3500.00 

Aster-Accucraft Union Pacific Light Mikado 2-8-2 No. 2840, new and unused with its original box – £3250.00

Aster Swiss four-cylinder compound A3/5 4-6-0 – black, kit built – £3400.00


Bachmann Brass GWR 14xx, 0-4-2 new unused in box complete with Spoerer Battery RC kit – £600.00

Accucraft 1:20.3 scale RGS C-19 2-8-0 – RC fitted with batteries – £1950.00

Rolling Stock

Accucraft 1:20.3 scale D&RGW Box Car – NEW £140.00 (RRP £180.00)

Accucraft 1:20.3 scale N.G.N.C tanker – NEW £130.00 (RRP £170.00)

Accucraft D&RG High-Sided Gondolas – NEW £140.00 (RRP £170.00)


Accucraft 1:32 scale Radial Tank 4-4-2T in BR Black (late crest) – open box example – SOLD

Accucraft 1:19 scale Talyllyn Railway No. 2 ‘Dolgoch’, 45mm gauge, TR green – SOLD

Accucraft 1:32 scale GWR 61XX 2-6-2T – SOLD

An absolute corker!  Accucraft D&RGW T-12 4-6-0 in Moffat green livery.  Butane-fired, in great condition with one very careful owner.  These are extremely rare models! – SOLD

Accucraft Live Steam D&RGW C-21 2-8-0, RC fitted, comes with original boxes – SOLD

Aster-Accucraft LNER/BR B1 4-6-0 BR Apple Green, No. 61306 ‘Mayflower’, open box example – SOLD

Aster Castle kit, No. 5015 Kingswear Castle 4-6-0 in lined BR green.  Increasingly rare and hard to find, original, unbuilt in an unopened box – SOLD

Accucraft live steam 1:20.3 D&RG 4-4-0 ‘Col. Boone’, a rare and superb example of the classic American 3′ gauge 4-4-0, now extremely hard to obtain – SOLD

A bit of a rarity!  An Aristocraft/Sancheng G Scale (Gauge 1) Speeder and trailer (powered) in brass.  Only a limited number of these were made, in its original box – SOLD

Accucraft D&RGW wheel & tie car, grey – SOLD

Accucraft CONOCO tanker – £120.00

Complete set (four car set + additional car, five in total) Accucraft ‘San Juan’ J&S coaches, made in  brass, green livery with their original boxes – £2000.00 – SOLD

Set of six Accucraft US Iron Mountain coal cars (all boxed) – SOLD

D&RGW freight cars and a caboose including a four car boxcar set – £95.00 each – SOLD

Accucraft 1:29 scale PRR K4 (electric) – required trailing vehicle for battery pack – £1250.00 SOLD

Accucraft S32-12D Peppercorn A1 4-6-2 No. 60163 Tornado, butane-fired, BR green, late crest.  In good condition but possibly needing cleaning! – £3250.00 – SOLD

Bachmann Brass GWR 45xx, 2-6-2 new unused in box complete with Spoerer Battery RC kit – SOLD

Tower Brass GWR Autocoach, as new in box – SOLD

Finescale Brass, GWR “B” Set, as new unused in boxes – SOLD

Aster-Accucraft 9F 2-10-0, No. 92059 in BR black, late crest.  Now hard to come by, this version has the BR1C tender.  Excellent condition, little used, as new – SOLD

A rare and unusual collector’s item, a Gauge 1 GWR ‘King’ 4-6-0 No. 6028 ‘King George VI’ by Stewart Reidpath Models of Herne Bay, Kent, more usually associated with early OO gauge models. The locomotive was made as a presentation model (unpowered) and is supplied with a wooden base and plexiglass case – SOLD

Maerklin DB Class V100 – red – SOLD

Aster Great Northern Railway S2 4-8-4 – green (working steam turbine), kit built –  SOLD

Aster Nickel Plate Berkshire 2-8-4 – black (working steam turbine), kit built – SOLD

Aster-Accucraft 5MT 4-6-0, No. 73096 in lined BR green, late crest.  The latest rendering of this popular model with the BR1C tender.  Mint condition, little used – SOLD

Aster Castle, No. 5015 Kingswear Castle 4-6-0 in lined GWR green.  Immaculate condition, superbly built example – SOLD

Aster LNER A3 Flying Scotsman 4-6-2 – LNER apple green, kit built – SOLD

Bowande 14XX 0-4-2T – GWR green – SOLD

Aster BOB Winston Churchill 4-6-2 – BR green, kit built – SOLD

Accucraft AL97-001B SP Daylight 4-8-4 GS4 #4449 live steam, butane-fired, flanged drivers.  Beautiful, well cared-for model – SOLD

Aster Castle, No. 5015 Kingswear Castle 4-6-0 in lined GWR green.  Immaculate condition, very few miles on the clock, with wooden carry case, one careful owner! – SOLD

Aster Rebuilt Merchant Navy 4-6-2, No. 35028 Clan Line in lined BR green – SOLD

Accucraft AC77-202 Mich Cal Shay – converted to 32mm gauge, a rare beast!  One careful owner, well-maintained and RC fitted, with train of log cars also available – SOLD

Aster BR52 Kriegslok 2-10-0 in wartime grey, alcohol-fired, rare model.  In great condition, customer built, one owner – SOLD

Accucraft H8 Allegheny Virginian Mallet 2-6-6-6 live steam (butane) – SOLD

Accucraft 1:20.3 scale K28 live steam (butane) – SOLD

Accucraft 1:20.3 scale K36 2-8-2 live steam – SOLD

Accucraft Pennsylvania T1 4-4-4-4 live steam (alcohol) – SOLD

Aster Nickel Plate Road Berkshire 2-8-4 live steam (alcohol) – SOLD (with wooden carry-case)

Bowande Pennsylvania G5 4-6-0 live steam (butane) – (brand new, never run) – SOLD

Accucraft Southern Pacific F4 2-10-2 Vanderbilt tender live steam (butane) – SOLD

Original Aster light Mikado 2-8-2 live steam (alcohol) – SOLD