The Clearing House

‘The Clearing House’

We often get requests for items that are discontinued and similarly we get offered items to sell by customers or from estate sales.  Thus we are able to keep a list of requirements and available items, some of which are rare or hard to obtain.  We try to match up the two halves of this equation, either directly or via our dealers, with a view providing a useful service that ensures Accucraft and other locomotives and rolling stock find good homes.  Please contact us by ‘phone or email to discuss your requirements.

Here are a few choice items currently available, all for sale on behalf of known and trusted customers.

Live Steam

Accucraft Southern Pacific F4 2-10-2 Vanderbilt tender live steam (butane) – £5000.00

 Accucraft H8 Allegheny Virginian Mallet 2-6-6-6 live steam (butane) – SOLD

Accucraft Pennsylvania T1 4-4-4-4 live steam (alcohol) – £5500.00

Bowande Pennsylvania G5 4-6-0 live steam (butane) – £2500.00 (brand new, never run)

Aster Nickel Plate Road Berkshire 2-8-4 live steam (alcohol) – £5500.00 (with wooden carry-case)

Original Aster light Mikado 2-8-2 live steam (alcohol) – £1750.00 (some restoration required)