Accucraft UK Gauge 1 Products

Click on one of the sub-menus to view products in that range.  The full listing of Gauge 1 stock, including availability and recommended retail prices can be viewed on the ‘stock status’ page – dealers may still have items which are shown as ‘out of stock’ in our warehouse.  Accucraft (UK) produces a range of locomotives and rolling stock for 1:32 scale standard gauge models on 45mm (Gauge 1) track.

The full listing of Accucraft (US) standard gauge stock is available below – in the UK the range is only available through the Accucraft office in Herefordshire, items may have to be shipped from California with a lead time of four to six weeks.  Accucraft (US) manufactures a range of equipment using 1:29 & 1:32 scales for standard gauge prototypes.  The Accucraft 1:32 scale (US) RRP list can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

S32-1 1