Accucraft April News

Spring finally seems to have arrived in Herefordshire and with it the promise of a summer filled with deliveries!  The show season continues with the big one, The National Garden Railway Show, on Saturday 8th April.  As ever we will have one or two surprises on our stand which will also be graced by a Type 1 Decauville, no, not (just) the 1:13.7 Scale Accucraft one but a 12″:1′ scale version from North Bay Works!  We will be expecting the little Decauvilles to arrive in early May and all bar a handful of the first consignment are spoken for.  We very much look forward to seeing you at our stand at Peterborough – don’t miss out on some of the very special deals we are offering on U.S. items for the duration of the show only!

By the late 1800s, France’s Decauville Manufacturing Company had established themselves as builders of reliable and simple to operate narrow gauge steam locomotives. Many of their designs were intended for use in agricultural, mining, and light industrial settings. One such loco was a Decauville Type 1, 3-ton 0-4-0T built in 1899, construction #302, for the Dombe Grande Sugar Estates in what was then the Portuguese territory of Angola. The loco was named Bathala. In 1930, after three decades of dependable operation, Bathala was placed in a museum on the company’s grounds.

In light of the success of our Quarry Hunslet in this scale, used to represent 2′ gauge on 45mm track, we feel that another gauge-adjustable 7/8ths” loco will be well received.  The more generous proportions of models in this scale offer the opportunity to look at prototypes which would be rather too small in 1:19 scale but which we have long hankered after.  The model is gas fired and fitted with a water top up valve, water gauge with blow-down valve, miniature pressure gauge; constructed of stainless steel and etched brass, the loco has an enhanced level of detail made possible by this scale including a reversing lever and brake stand / gas control valve.

Three different colour versions are offered: maroon, green, and black. Each version also features an attractive contrasting colour lining. The UK RRP is £1695.00 including shipping, duty, VAT and UK warranty support. It is exclusively available in the UK from our Herefordshire office.


Scale: 7/8ths” to 1 foot (1:13.7)
Length: 208 mm (8.19 inches)
Width: 110.5 mm (4.35 inches)
Height: 181.6 mm (7.15 inches)
Weight: TBA
Min Radius: 2′ radius
Gauge: Adjustable to either 32 mm or 45mm
Boiler: Centre Flue
Working Pressure: 60 psi
1/2” Pressure Gauge
Water sight glass
Full backhead detail
Slide valve cylinders with fixed cut-off
Full Walschaerts valve gear
Fuel: Butane Gas

Colours available subject to production batch:

B77-531 Decauville 0-4-0T in Maroon
B77-532 Decauville 0-4-0T in Green
B77-533 Decauville 0-4-0T in Black

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Accucraft March News


As we start a new garden railway season it may be worth noting that we will be attending a number of exhibitions in 2017.  We also have news of a number of ‘open box’ items available at discounted prices.


Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th March 2017

The Show for larger scales covers O Gauge, G Scale, Gauge 1 and 16mm and more… see live steam, gas & coal fired locomotives. The exhibition attracts enthusiasts from all over the UK.  The event provides inspiration if you are planning your garden railway and has all the ideas you could possibly need.  You can see full details here.


Saturday 8th April 2017, 10am – 5pm.

The big one!  17 layouts, over 100 trade stands and the opportunity to drive a 15″ gauge locomotive on site!  We will have our usual large display and will be accompanied by the full size Decauville being built by North Bay Railway Engineering, similar to the 1:13.7 model we will be supplying!  You can see full details here.

B77-531 1


Saturday 3rd June 2017

Large event with up to 4 working layouts. Surrey Oval, Stanley Midland, Dobson Bridge. Gauge 3 Society attending with Blackgang exhibition track almost 100′ in length. Tinplate exhibition track, 16mm Association Talks by Surrey Group. Plenty of Trade support. This event will be open to the public.


Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September 2017

Another ‘must attend’ event, once again being held on the same weekend at the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway Gala, now being held over three days.  Every operating engine will be in use.  Traction engines, steam cars and lorries, a model railway exhibition, demonstrations and trade stands, and a shuttle bus to the  Llanfair Garden railway Show up the hill at Llanfair High School.


Saturday 14th October 2017

Wood Green  Animal Centre, Godmanchester. Open to the public. Two working layouts.  More information to follow.


We currently have a number of ‘open box’ locomotives for sale.  All items listed as ‘open box’ may have been used for trade show demonstration, photographic, display, or other similar use. Some items may be repairs of slightly damaged models and are so noted. Quantities are limited. Locomotives have been tested and are in operable condition. No broken or missing parts unless otherwise specified. All Warranties Apply. Models are available for direct purchase only. Please check back regularly for newly listed items!


S19-26BU  W & L No. 14 2-6-2T – W&L BLUE – £1,500.00


S19-26O   W & L No. 14 2-6-2T – GOLDEN OCHRE – £1,500.00

S19-26R 1

S19-26R   W & L No. 14 2-6-2T – MADDER LAKE – £1,500.00

S19-2 4

S19-1  WD BALDWIN 4-6-0 – 45mm GAUGE – £1,300.00

AL88-136  C19 2-8-0 RGS #41 Black, Electric (1:20.3 Scale) – £1,995.00

AL97-203  Southern Pacific M-6 2-6-0 #1744 (1:32 scale) Live Steam – £1,995.00

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Accucraft February News

Gauge 1 price increases, A4, Black 5 and ‘Victory’

Unfortunately due to the ‘Brexit’ effect and the large decrease in the value of Sterling against the US Dollar we have had to review the costs of the above projects and have no alternative but to raise the recommended retail prices. These will be finalised at time of production but we think (assuming Sterling falls no further) they will be in the region of the following: A4 – £3,750; Black 5 – £2,750; and ‘Victory’ – £1275. These prices include VAT.

Please contact the retailer you placed your order with to confirm your order. We will require the confirmed orders by 1st March for ‘Victory’ and the 3rd April for the A4 and Black 5.

Since the A4 and Black 5 both require further re-tooling these models have had to be moved back in the production schedule.  However, this does mean that ‘Victory’, which is fully tooled, will be the next model after the ⅞ths” scale Bagnall to go into production.

Draft Fans

Ideal for those with an alcohol problem (meths-firing that is!), these battery-powered fans induce a draft when lighting up an internally fired locomotive and can be used for most Gauge 1, 1:32 Scale models.  The UK RRP is £85.00 and they are now in stock.

Draft Fan

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Accucraft (US) New Year Specials

Accucraft (US) has extended the special offers into the New Year and added a few more mouth-watering packages into the bargain.  Take a look at these 1:20 scale bargain bundles:

‘Dora’ 0-4-0T + two Iron Mountain coal cars just £399.00

AC77-101 Dora 5

Heisler WSL #3, Live Steam + two Short Logging Cars just £3150.00

AL87-760 Heisler 5

Plantation Engine 0-4-2 ‘IUKI’ + two items of Rolling Stock just £999.00


Free Rolling Stock: choose either two AM32-110A Short Flat Car or two AM20-110A Iron Mountain Coal Car

Shay 28T Class B, Oil Burning Bunker + two Logging Disconnect Cars just £2499.00


Baldwin 4-4-0 – Black Unlettered, Live Steam + two Box Cars just £2399.00


For box car choices, see the Accucraft US website

Mogul 2-6-0, Live Steam + two Box Cars just £2199.00


Choose from AC77-411 Nevada Shortline, AC77-420 NCNG Unlettered, AC77-421 NCNG #2 Lake Brown or AC77-422 RGS #11 Black and add two free box cars from the list on the Accucraft US website

Mogul 2-6-0 D&RG #27 ‘Poncha’ Live Steam + two Box Cars just £2399.00


Choose two free box cars from the Accucraft US website

Don’t miss out, some of this stock is in limited supply and when they’re gone, they’re gone!  Contact our Herefordshire office now on 01981 241380 or via
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Accucraft December News

May we wish everyone a Happy Christmas and pleasant New Year.  We are delighted to say that we have received the first tranche of our models of Welshpool & Llanfair Railway No.14.  Due to a slight confusion over colour codes the first red examples were delivered wearing a rather fetching golden ochre!  The red ones will be delivered after Christmas (with the rest of the batch) so those people who pre-ordered just need to check with their preferred dealer.  We will now be offering the golden ochre examples with the product code S19-26O for manual examples, S19-27O for radio control fitted ones – contact your retailer to reserve yours now, this will definitely be a very limited edition!


Built in 1954, No. 85 was the last of 32 built for the Sierra Leone Government Railways to a standard design by Hunslet. Completed as works number 3815, No. 85 was delivered to the Sierra Leone port and capital of Freetown with sister engine No. 84, the pair costing £21,273. They were set to work on the extensive Sierra Leone Railway, which had a mainline extending 227.5 miles.

By the time No. 85 arrived, the Hunslet 2-6-2s were confined mainly to shunting and banking heavy trains out of Freetown. Their working life was to be short too – with the Sierra Leone Government Railways finally closing in 1974.  No. 85 was brought back to the UK to work at the preserved Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway, where it regularly hauled passenger trains until April 2010, when its last 10-year boiler ticket expired.  It has recently been on display at the National Railway Museum at Shildon.  You can find full details of the model here.




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Accucraft (US) News

2016 Year End Specials from Accucraft (US)

Accucraft (US) are offering year-end specials on select live steam and electric locomotives that are nearly out-of-stock.  Purchase the locomotive at regular price and receive 1:32 scale streamlined passenger cars or 40’ box cars FREE (as appropriate per the offer) from available stock!  This offer ends December 31, 2016. 

Canadian Pacific ‘Royal Hudson’ 4-6-2 + two FREE CP Passenger Cars

Only a few of these fine locomotives remain in stock.  Purchase the loco at regular price and select two Canadian Pacific streamline passenger cars from available stock, a £680.00 value, for FREE!  Price £3,995.00


AL97-082 CP Royal Hudson #2860 “As it is today”, chrome boiler, butane fired
AL97-083 CP Royal Hudson #2860 “As ran in service”, grey boiler, butane fired
AL97-083A CP Royal Hudson #2860 “As ran in service”, grey boiler, alcohol fired

1:32 scale Canadian Pacific passenger cars to select from:

AL34-329 CP Baggage Car
AL34-319 CP Coach
AL34-339 CP Dining Car
AL34-359 CP Pullman Sleeper
AL34-379 CP Observation Car


Pennsylvania T-1 class 4-4-4-4 + three FREE Pennsy Passenger Cars

We still have a handful of these locomotives in stock.  Don’t miss your chance to own one!  Purchase the loco at regular price and select three Pennsylvania Railroad streamline passenger cars from available stock, a £1,020.00 value, for FREE!  Only 4 of these locomotives remain in stock!  Order yours today!

AL97-101 PRR T-1 class, alcohol fired, live steam – only 4 left!  Price £6,050.00


1:32 scale Pennsylvania passenger cars to select from:

AL34-328 PRR Baggage Car
AL34-318 PRR Coach
AL34-338 PRR Dining Car
AL34-358 PRR Pullman Sleeper
AL34-378 PRR Observation Car


Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 “Big Boy”, live steam + 12 FREE 1:32 scale 40’ box cars from remaining stock! 

AC97-391 Big Boy

Big Boy 4-8-8-4, butane fired, live steam £8,995.00 each

AL97-393  UP Big Boy #4008  only 3 left!
AL97-394  UP Big Boy #4015  only 1 left!

Southern Pacific M-6 class 2-6-0 in electric + 6 FREE 1:32 scale 40’ box cars from remaining stock

Don’t miss out on this great running locomotive!  Purchase the loco at regular price and receive 6 FREE 40’ box cars from our remaining inventory. Price £2,400.00

AL98-201  SP M-6 class 2-6-0, unlettered, electric    only 5 left!
AL98-203  SP M-6 class 2-6-0, #1744, electric           only 1 left!


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Accucraft November News

This month we bring you news about the Type 1 Decauville, recently delivered 1:32 Scale wagons, a significant contribution to the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust as well as the Colonel Stephens Museum in Tenderden.  Please note the ‘final call’ for the N&W J-Class and our item about ‘open box’ sales as well as our absence from Warley this year.

Type 1, 3 ton Decauville

News reaches us that the first of these little locos is under construction and can be yours for just £70,000 + VAT if you get your order in before the end of the month, after which the price goes up to £77,000 + VAT.  However, if you don’t fancy the 2′ gauge version now being built by NBR Engineering it looks as though the Accucraft (US) 7/8ths” version will follow delivery of our own Bagnall in the new year.  Alas this means we have had to review the price (in light of Sterling’s continued weakness against the dollar) and the model will now carry a UK RRP of £1695.00 including VAT and UK warranty.  We will have more news about Accucraft’s involvement with the manufacture of the 2′ gauge new build locomotives in due course.

B77-531 1

Gauge 1, 1:32 Scale RCH 7 Plank Wagons

We are pleased to say that we have recently taken delivery of another batch of these lovely 1:32 wagons including the BR bauxite version.  The production run also included a limited edition version produced exclusively for G1MRA members to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Association as well as ‘Camerton Collieries’, which is only available from Cliff Barker, and ‘Consolidated’ which is exclusive to Trackshack.




Accucraft (UK) give £10,000 to the A1SLT

At the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust’s annual convention on 1st October, we were delighted to hand over a cheque for £10,000 raised from the sale of our 1:32 Scale model of Tornado.  The money will be put towards the final purchase of Tornado’s tender from William Cook Cast Products, principal sponsor of the Trust, who had generously funded its construction and subsequent lease to the Trust.  Passing the funds over to Mark Allatt, chairman of the Trust, Graham Langer paid tribute to all those who purchased the model, thereby contributing to Tornado herself.


An Accucraft WD Baldwin for the Colonel Stephens Museum

Through the good offices of the Colonel Stephens Society, Accucraft (UK) has facilitated the acquisition of one of our 1:19 Scale WD Baldwins for display in the Colonel Stephens Museum in Tenterden, Kent.  An urgent need for narrow gauge locos to operate the lines behind the trenches in WW1 led the Railways Operating Division (ROD) to source locos from America as well as Britain. Both Baldwin and Alco produced designs and the Baldwin 4-6-0 pannier tank was made in huge numbers. Dispersal sales after the war saw them scattered around the globe with a number ending up in the UK on lines such as the Welsh Highland, Ashover, Snailbeach and Glyn Valley Tramway, many having been acquired by Colonel Stephens for his narrow gauge empire!


Last call for the Norfolk & Western J-Class

We are just about to ship our allocation of these stunning models so if you fancy one, this could be your last chance.  UK RRP £5,950.00 – call our Hereford office to make a reservation!

AL97-137 ES

1:32 Scale Allegheny 2-6-6-6

We recently delivered one of these superb models to Bram Hengeveld (Exclusive Models) and he took the opportunity to film the locomotive’s first run.  It is only natural to expect an engine this complex to be a little stiff and suffer some initial teething problems but Bram reports that it ran as smoothly as a sewing machine ‘straight out of the box’, a fine tribute to engineering skills at the Accucraft factory!

These superb locomotives are currently available at an amazing UK RRP of just £7,000.00 including VAT, UK delivery and UK warranty.  Contact our Hereford office to reserve yours.

‘Open Box’ items for sale

At the bottom of our ‘stock status’ pages we carry a list of ‘Open Box’ models available for direct purchase.  All items listed in ‘Open Box’ section may have been used for trade show demonstration, display, or other similar use. Some items may be repairs of slightly damaged models and are so noted. Quantities are limited. Locomotives have been tested and are in operable condition. No broken or missing parts unless otherwise specified. All Warranties Apply. Models are available for direct purchase only. Please check back regularly for newly listed items!

Warley Model Railway Show

After many years attending the Warley Model Railway Show at the NEC, we have decided to take a rain check this year and will not have a stand.  While we appreciate seeing many of you there the costs now outweigh the benefits and we will be concentrating our efforts on more appropriate shows such as G1MRA gatherings and the Llanfair Garden Railway Show in future.

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Accucraft Mid October News


Starting production soon will be the Argyle Models / Accucraft Australia 38 Class Pacific.  With prices ranging from a UK RRP of £3,550.00 (electric) to £3,795.00 (Live Steam) we think they represent outstanding value for money.

The 38 class design was based on a need to eliminate the complications of double heading required on a number of fast interstate passenger trains. The conditions of track work with frequent sharp curvature to be traversed at high speed would require six-coupled driving wheels in a ‘Pacific’ 4-6-2 configuration. Maintenance considerations suggested a two cylinder simple steam locomotive. In May 1939 an order for five 38 class locomotives was placed with Clyde Engineering with a distinctive streamlined boiler casing. The remaining 25 locomotives were built without streamlining at the NSWGR Eveleigh and Cardiff Workshops. From 1961 the locomotives were progressively withdrawn from service. Four have survived into preservation being 3801, 3813, 3820 and 3830.

The model will be available in both Streamlined and Un-streamlined versions and in a variety of liveries and power options. Pilot Model 2016 – you can download the order form here.  Place your reservations with our Hereford office now – prices may be subject to currency revision.

Product Specifications – Live Steam Version:

  • Scale: 1:32
  • Gauge: 45mm
  • Valve Gear: Walschaerts, two cylinders, slide valves, cylinder drain cocks
  • Working Pressure: 60psi
  • Construction: Copper boiler, Brass boiler jacket, Brass cab, Brass tender,
  • Boiler Fittings: Safety valve, pressure gauge, water gauge
  • Axle water pump with bypass valve, Water hand pump with check valve
  • Length over buffers: 756mm (29.8 inches)
  • Width: 91mm (3.6 inches)
  • Height: 133mm (5.2 inches)
  • Min Radius: Electric 2m (6½ feet) Live Steam 3m (9 feet)
  • Steel drivers
  • Chassis is sprung on all wheels, with sprung side control on the leading bogie
  • Main driving axle boxes have oil reservoirs with felt oil pads
  • Trailing Truck has oil /felt reservoirs
  • Main Coupling rod and Connecting rod have a rotating bronze sleeve bearing common to both rods
  • Spirit fired boilers have Automatic Blower which opens when the Regulator is shut.

Liveries Available:

  • 3801 Streamlined, Verdant Green
  • 3803 Streamlined, Black / Red lining
  • 3813 Un-Streamlined, NSWGR Special Green
  • 3820 Un-Streamlined, Black / Red lining
  • 3830 Un-Streamlined, NSWGR Special Green (all green)
  • 3830 Un-Streamlined, Olive Green 1961 livery

Models & Options Available:

  • SG Live Steam, Gas Fired, Ceramic Burner
  • SA Live Steam, Alcohol Fired with multi tube boiler
  • EL Electric with full Cab Detail
  • RC Radio Control Fittings Kit for live steam models


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Accucraft October News

This month we carry important news about the future distribution of Accucraft (US) products in the UK, an announcement of a new 1:13.7 Scale model and some amazing bargains available from the U.S. range.

Accucraft US, DE and Aus distribution in the UK

Accucraft (UK) is pleased to announce some important changes to the distribution of the Accucraft US, Aus and DE ranges. Owing to fluctuations in the value of Sterling and a review of our business model, UK retail sales of the American, Australian and German models produced by Accucraft will be handled exclusively by our office in Herefordshire and all sales enquiries should be directed there in future.  We ship every four to six weeks from California and the availability of US items can be checked on the US eStore; price lists are displayed on this website.  The good news about this move is that, despite the fall in the value of Sterling, many items now carry a lower UK RRP and can be delivered to the customer more quickly.  Forward orders can also be placed for forthcoming items in the usual manner. Here are just some of the U.S. models currently available:


1:32 Scale Chesapeake & Ohio Allegheny 2-6-6-6 (butane fired) UK RRP £6,475.00


1:20.3 Scale 28 ton Class B Shay UK RRP £2295.00


1:20.3 Scale Heisler, West Side Lumber Co. UK RRP £2,995.00

1:13.7 (7/8ths”) Scale SR&RLRR Forney 0-4-4 #6

For those of us who love the Maine 2′ gauge network the news of this release couldn’t have come sooner!  Ever since Accucraft started making ready to run live steam locos available in 7/8ths” Scale there has been a growing clamour for a model Forney from the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad.

The Portland Company constructed 0-4-4 Forney #5 in 1891 for the Sandy River Railroad. The locomotive was named “N.B. Neal” and operated this way until 1908 when the Sandy River, Franklin & Megantic, Philips & Rangeley, along with their respective subsidiary railroads merged to form the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes. At this time the loco was renumbered to SR&RL #6. In 1925 the loco was sold to the Kennebec Central, becoming their #4. She was again sold in 1933 to the Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington as their #9. After the WW&F railroad was abandoned in 1936-‘37, it was purchased and stored near Putnam, Connecticut.

In December 1994, an agreement was reached with the estate for WW&F #9 and its return to Maine for eventual restoration. Over the course of several years the loco was restored and is now featured in regular excursion over a restored section of the railroad.


The model is butane fired with a copper boiler featuring a ceramic burner working at a pressure of 60i. The two cylinders are operated by full working Stephenson valve gear.  Other features include a safety valve, reverser, hand pump, lubricator, water gauge and pressure gauge.  The loco is only offered in 45mm gauge and carries a UK RRP of £3200.00 inc. VAT, P&P and UK warranty support – pre-order from our Herefordshire office.

Accucraft (US) Special Deals!

One of the advantages of the new distribution arrangement is that we can now capitalise on the special offers that occasionally appear on the eStore.  During October the following deals are available (while stock lasts):




AC77-722 – BALDWIN 4-4-0 – SP #3 LIVE STEAM + 2 FREE AM2201-01 DATA ONLY BOX CARS – £1995.00

AC77- 411/420/1/2 – MOGUL + 2 FREE AM2201-01 DATA ONLY BOX CARS – £1995.00



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Accucraft (US) News!

1:32 Scale Norfolk & Western J-Class 4-8-4 #611

AL97-137 ES

Now available!  Accucraft US have released the first examples of the alcohol and butane fired versions of this fabulous locomotive, available for an amazingly reasonable price of just £5,630 – contact our office now if you don’t want to miss out!  Also due for release soon is an electric version which has a UK RRP of £4,855.00.

Some would argue that the Norfolk & Western Railway’s J-class represents the zenith of steam passenger locomotive development in the United States. The class was introduced towards the end of steam on U.S. railroads, but was designed and built without compromise to do the job in style. Conceived and assembled at N&W’s East End Shops in Roanoke, Virginia between 1941 and 1950, these elegant 4-8-4s only ever numbered fourteen examples. The first five were streamlined from the outset, the next six examples only being thus fitted later due to wartime economies, while the final three once again emerging fully streamlined from the start. Unusually for a passenger design, the class were only equipped with 70 inch driving wheels, which required perfect balancing of the wheel sets and drive train and the adoption of light-weight rods to allow 100mph running. However, the relatively small drivers and 300psi boiler pressure gave a very high tractive effort, 80,000 pounds, making the J-class the most powerful 4-8-4s built without requiring a booster.

The class quickly gained a reputation for hauling heavy trains at high speeds with an enviable record of reliability, often accumulating 15,000 miles per month. Despite this, the writing was on the wall for steam. Towards the end of the 1950s, N&W began receiving more diesels with a view toward replacing their steam fleet. In 1959, J-class #611 hauled a last special – the remainder of the class were scrapped. N&W #611, however, was lucky, thanks partly to an accident in 1956 when the loco derailed at speed near Cedar, Virginia. Due to its consequent good condition following a rebuild, and partly to the efforts of the legendary railroad photographer O. Winston Link, #611 was given to the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke in 1960.

After twenty years of inactivity, #611 was taken to Birmingham, Alabama for overhaul at the Southern Railway’s Norris Yard workshops, emerging in 1982 to haul specials on the newly created Norfolk Southern railroad until 1994. In 1995, after a serious accident related to Norfolk Southern’s steam program, #611 was once again confined to the museum at Roanoke.

Today, the Virginia Museum of Transportation’s “Fire Up 611” committee has recently completed rebuilding and preparing this fine locomotive for service again! #611 was moved to the North Carolina Transportation Museum’s complex at Spencer, North Carolina, where the work was performed.

Matching streamline car sets!

Don’t forget the matching streamline car set to go with the locomotive!  A limited number of these six car sets are still available for just £1895.00 per set.


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