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A Dreyfuss NYC ‘Hudson’ in 1:29 scale, news of our little 1:32 scale B4’s, a simply amazing offer from Accucraft (US) and another Lynton & Barnsatple new build benefiting from our generosity – it’s all happening here in March!

The simply stunning 1:29 NYC Hudson from Accucraft (US)

The New York Central ‘Hudsons’ were some of the most iconic east coast locos produced in the 20th Century and their loss has been widely mourned since the last example was scrapped. The ‘Hudson’ 4-6-4 evolved from the Pacific wheel arrangement, the additional trailing wheel set giving room for a bigger firebox and the fitting of a booster to the rear truck to improve the starting of heavy trains. Although locos of the 4-6-4 wheel arrangement already existed (being known as a Baltic in Europe), the NYC examples came to be known as ‘Hudsons’ following a conversation between the NYC’s motive power superintendent, Paul Keifer, and the railroad’s president, Pat Crowley.

In all the New York Central ‘Hudsons’ numbered 275, built in Classes J-1 and J-2 from the late 1920’s and J-3 during the late ‘30s. Streamlined variants of each class duly appeared and the last ten J-3a’s carried bodywork created by industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss with five, including our #5454, being fitted with the elegant Scullin disc wheels. In 1938 Dreyfuss was commissioned by the railroad to design streamlined train sets in Art Deco style, with the locomotives and passenger cars painted in blues and greys. The streamliners made their initial runs in June, 1938 and were probably the most famous American passenger trains of all time, the ‘Empire State Express’ (New York – Buffalo) and the ‘20th Century Limited’ (New York – Chicago). The NYC made full use of the design’s radical looks in its publicity and many posters from that era feature the J-3a’s; a member of the class also represented the NYC at the 1939 World’s Fair alongside streamlined engines from the Pennsylvania RR and the LMSR in Great Britain.

The Achilles’ heel of the class was a lack of sure-footedness and they were gradually supplanted by NYC ‘Mowhawk’ 2-8-4’s and finally the ‘Niagara’ 4-8-4’s on the heaviest trains. Ultimately the New York Central dieselized in the 1950’s and all the ‘Hudson’s’ had been withdrawn by 1956, none being preserved.

The model is made from copper, stainless steel and brass, the live steam version being fitted with a 60psi twin flue boiler, Baker valve gear, slide valves, working drain cocks, twin safety valves, pressure gauge, water gauge, axle pump, tender water pump and is RC ready.  The electric model is equipped with a 24v Pittman motor, constant lighting and a fully detailed cab interior.  Both available late 2013.

G951-01 NYC 4-6-4 Dreyfuss Hudson #5454, Electric – Opening price £3320.00 (UK RRP £3495.00)

G951-01S NYC 4-6-4 Dreyfuss Hudson #5454 with Sound – Opening price £3695.00 (UK RRP £3895.00)

G751-01 NYC 4-6-4 Dreyfuss Hudson #5454, Live Steam – Opening price £3695.00 (UK RRP £3895.00)

The B4’s are here!

March ought to be the month when winter lessens its icy grip on this country and garden railway enthusiasts come out of hibernation.  In that hope we can tell you that the first Gauge 1 B4’s are now out in the wild and in stock at our dealers, don’t miss out!

Large Scale Model Rail at the Fosse

We will be attending the Midlands Garden Railway Railway show at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre on Saturday 16th and Sunday the 17th March.  This excellent venue will be hosting many layouts and dozens of traders – you can finds all the details here.

March Madness from Accucraft (US)

Exciting news from across the ‘Pond’ – Accucraft (US) have remaindered their live steam Climaxes and we can now offer them for a UK RRP of just £1495.00.  This amazing price is only on offer while stocks last and already AC77-631, the straight stack version has sold out; however, we can still get hold of the Mich Cal #4 variety (AC77-632) so don’t hesitate, make a reservation with your local retailer while stocks last!  Those of you running on 32mm gauge track needn’t feel left out either, two of our repair agents have successfully converted these quirky machines to ‘O’ gauge!

The Climax locomotive is a geared steam locomotive in which the two steam cylinders transmit power to driveshafts running to the front and rear trucks. Designed to compete with the Shay and later Heisler locomotives in logging and industrial roles, many loggers considered the Climax superior to the Shay in haulage capacity and stability, particularly in smaller locomotives. Accucraft’s model is a limited production in 1:20.3 scale and 45mm gauge in live steam. The chassis is constructed from brass and stainless steel. All valve gear, drive rods, and wheels are machined from stainless steel.

Last call for the power unit competition

We will soon be closing entries to our power unit competition.  Judging will take place in advance of the 16mm Show in April and the prizes will be awarded there.  This year we have seen a high proportion of 7/8ths” scale models being presented so if you have fabricated something in a smaller scale we’d love to see it!  You can see some of the entrants here and download the terms and conditions here:


Accucraft (UK) – supporting the new ‘Lyn’

As a firm we are proud to put something back into the preservation movement and provide some small assistance to a few of the hard-working groups trying to restore our historic narrow gauge railways, locos and rolling stock.  Following the success of our limited edition of ‘Lyd’ (due out this summer), we are pleased to say that we are making a contribution to the team constructing a replica ‘Lyn’ for the renascent Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in Devon.  Like the brand new ‘Lyd’, ‘Lyn’ is being constructed to replace another long lost and lamented L & B loco and we are providing her builders with one of out 16mm scale (1:19) ‘Lyns’ to raise funds their admirable project.  You can find out more about this exciting engineering exercise here.

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