Steph’ Hicking’s ‘Sylvia’

Steph’ Hicking’s loco won this year’s Accucraft Power Unit Competition.  ‘Sylvia’ is built to 7/8ths scale and is the first go I have ever had at building and painting a live steam locomotive (I admit had once dropped a ready … More

Richard Turner’s ‘Morph’

Richard Turner’s loco was placed second in this year’s competition.  This loco was built on the Ragleth power unit and is a ‘convertible’ model and may be used as a 1:12 or 1:19 model. It is now a 2-4-0 with … More

Steve Hammett’s tram loco

Steve’s tram came third in this year’s final.  The tram engine is my first attempt at building a 16mm loco body, and the intention from the start was not to modify the Ragleth Power unit in any way, so that … More

Mike Hayward’s ‘No. 2’

Mike Hayward comments on his 7/8ths” Scale saddle tank, “The loco will probably just be ‘No.2’, as it is the second one I have built for the garden.  It is to 7/8ths scale, and the basic dimensions are from the Peckett Jurassic … More

David Trelfer’s ‘Bitza’

The Loco will be called ‘Bitza’ because it’s made from a lot of bits.  Although it’s basically a ‘Ragleth’ power unit I bought the components at different times with this project in mind.  First the chassis then a boiler assembly … More

Sandy Cowan’s ‘Nkosana’

In the weeks following the success of Chai Wallah in the first Accucraft competition, I pondered the question of what to do with my power unit prize.  I already had built a 7/8ths scale loco on an Accucraft “Lawley” unit … More