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Happy New Year to you all.  Not too much news this month, but we have the first image of the W & L cattle van, a very sweet little American switcher to persuade some of you to make the move into US live steam and news of some On3 / On30 models due soon.  May we remind you about the power unit competition?  Entries for this have now closed and the models submitted can be viewed here.


We are pleased to be able to show you the first CAD image of the W & L cattle van (in original form) which is now in the tooling stage.  Advance orders for this vehicle have been strong, presumably because our customers wish to have a “full house” of Welshpool & Llanfair stock!  Because the Great Western rebuilt the wagons shortly after taking the line over, we are offering three versions, fully-lettered in W & L light grey, No. 7 or 8, and data only in light and dark grey.  The RRP is £60.00 – make sure you have some reserved!



Four switchers (96~99) were built in 1912 by Baldwin for the B&O.  Initially constructed as saddle tanks, some were given slope tenders and new cabs in later years.  The diminutive size and short wheelbase were required to handle the tight curves where these locomotives were used.  These live steam models are butane gas fired and constructed in brass & stainless steel.  Each copper boiler is certified by pressure tests to three times the normal working pressure.  The boiler is fitted with a water level glass, steam valve, water injection valve and pressure gauge.  The cab roof lifts up and tilts sideways to give easy access to the cab interior.  This little 1:29 scale model is an ideal starter loco with an RRP of only £1420.00, ready to ship from San Francisco with our next delivery.


Construction: Brass, steel, and die-cast metal
Wheel Arrangement: 0-4-0
Minimum Radius: 2 ft.
Dimensions: 22.69″ (582 mm) x 4.02″ (102 mm) x 5.83″ (148 mm)
Power: Butane gas fired
Features: Piston valves, Safety valve, Water level glass, Pressure gauge, Displacement lubricator, Hand operated water pump in tender, Gas Tank in Tender

On3 & On30 MODELS

You may not be aware of it but Accucraft (US) make a beautiful range of brass models in these gauges and are about to release the iconic D&RGW C-16 2-8-0 in this scale.

One of the most popular series of locomotives that once worked on the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad was the small, C-16 Consolidations, which served for decades. Built in 1881-82 by both Grant and Baldwin, more than 80 units were delivered and were the largest narrow gauge locomotives available at the time. Because they had a weight on the drivers of some 60,000 pounds, the D&RG designated them as Class 60 engines. These were later labelled “C-16” (“C” for “Consolidation” and “16” as an index of their tractive effort, about 16,000 pounds) and some lasted for as long as 70 years in both freight and passenger service. It is now one of the most famous narrow gauge locomotives of the Far West.  The model has an RRP of £590.


Scale/Gauge: On3/On30 Scale
Minimum Radius: 24″ (On3), 18″ (On30)
Construction: Brass, Stainless Steel
Power: 0~12V DC
Length: 350 mm (13 3/4 in.)
Width: 60 mm (2 3/8 in.)
Height: 89 mm (3 1/2 in.)
Weight: 0.91 kg (2 lbs)
Features: DCC Ready, Sound Ready, Operating Lights, Working Couplers, Full Cab Interior with Lights

Accucraft (US) also produce a range of matching rolling stock (contact your local dealer for details)

D&RGW Jackson Sharpe coaches


 RGS Box Car

Conoco Tank Car

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