Accucraft June News

It’s June and we’re “bustin’ out all over” with stock arrivals and news of an open day / garage sale at the unit in August.  We also bring you an update about the 7/8ths” scale Decauville’s which needs to be read by anyone in the UK who has ordered one through us or our dealers.

Summer Bonanza!

We will be holding an open house at Unit 4, Long Meadow Industrial Estate on Saturday 5th August.  Ian has just returned from the factory having identified a skip’s worth of factory seconds, damaged items and test samples which will be shipped to the UK.  These items will be offered for sale on a ‘first come, first served’ basis without prior reservation and include ‘open box’ locomotives, rolling stock and track components as well as sundry ‘kits of parts’ with potential for re-assembly!  As they say, “everything must go!”

In addition we will be hosting half a dozen associated trade stands and exhibitors and will be running trains on the newly constructed test track – yes, you heard right, the warehouse elves have been busily constructing a twin gauge running line with 8′ radius curves on which a variety of Accucraft locomotives will be strutting their stuff.  Opening times are 10.30am to 16.00pm and there will be an on site café offering refreshments and light lunches.

Some of the ex-factory stock that will be on offer

Construction of the test track at Unit 4

7/8ths” Scale Decauvilles

Those of you who follow the various online forums or social media will no doubt be aware of an issue that has affected the first tranche of these locos that was delivered to the U.S. – put simply heat was being transferred from the smokebox to the adjacent gas tank and causing the fuel to surge.  Fortunately this problem came to light before the U.K. bound consignment had been uplifted and we were able to discuss a solution with the factory; in consequence all stock purchased from us or our dealers will have been fitted with additional heat insulation in the smokebox and side tank.  However, it is worth observing that these are very small locomotives which lack the ability to absorb and dissipate heat easily and so must NEVER be run on anything but Butane and must be fired with care.  Users must resist the temptation to turn the gas up in order to raise steam quickly, even though most of our other locomotives will tolerate this treatment.  Great care will be needed to avoid over-firing the Decauville.  We apologise for the additional delay in delivering these pretty machines and hope you understand why it was necessary.

Gauge 1, 1:32 scale Mk1 coaches

We have delivered the first batch of these coaches to our dealers and will be getting a few more with the Decauvilles but it is likely that demand will exceed supply.  Unfortunately there was a late surge of orders from our dealers after production had commenced and although we have obtained as much spare stock from the factory and the U.S. as we can there may be orders unfulfilled.  Those who require additional SKs might consider switching  to SOs when they are produced in the autumn.  If demand is sufficient we may be able to run some more BSKs when the SOs and FKs are produced.  The message is clear – get your orders in or miss out!

3rd June 2017 – GIMRA 70th Anniversary Show – The Fosse

Held at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, The Fosse, we will be attending and look forward to seeing you there.  It will be a large event with up to four working layouts including Surrey Oval, Stanley Midland, Dobson Bridge. The Gauge 3 Society will be attending with the Blackgang exhibition track (almost 100′ in length). Tinplate exhibition track, 16mm Association Talks by Surrey Group. Plenty of Trade support. This event will be open to the public.

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