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Well, the Peterborough Show didn’t disappoint!  A very well attended exhibition with plenty to see and on offer.  We were delighted to show the Accucraft (US) 7/8ths” Scale Forney and were proud to sponsor the display of the North Bay Works Decauville in its part-finished state.  We also bring you news of Argyle Locomotive Works C38 4-6-2.

SR&RLRR Forney 0-4-4 #6

The Portland Company constructed 0-4-4 Forney #5 in 1891 for the Sandy River Railroad. The locomotive was named “N.B. Neal” and operated this way until 1908 when the Sandy River, Franklin & Megantic, Philips & Rangeley, along with their respective subsidiary railroads merged to form the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes. At this time the loco was renumbered to SR&RL #6. In 1925 the loco was sold to the Kennebec Central, becoming their #4. She was again sold in 1933 to the Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington as their #9. After the WW&F railroad was abandoned in 1936-‘37, it was purchased and stored near Putnam, Connecticut.

In December 1994, an agreement was reached with the estate for WW&F #9 and its return to Maine for eventual restoration. Over the course of several years the loco was restored and is now featured in regular excursion over a restored section of the railroad.

Scale / Gauge: 7/8ths / 45 mm
Construction: Brass & Stainless Steel
Mini. Radius: 8ft.
Length: 22.1 in. (562 mm)
Width: 6.1 in. (155 mm)
Height: 8.7 in. (221 mm)
Features: Butane fired, Copper boiler, Ceramic burner, 60 psi working pressure, Two cylinders
Full working Stephenson valve gear, Safety valve, Forward/Reverse Johnson bar, Hand pump
Lubricator, Water sight glass, Pressure gauge

Available exclusively from our Herefordshire office, the model carries a UK RRP of £3,200.00 including VAT, UK delivery and full UK warranty.

Decauville’s small and large!

We were delighted to sponsor the transport of a partly assembled Type 1 Decauville from North Bay Works to accompany the display of the 7/8ths” scale model on our stand.

Accucraft (Aus)  NSWGR C38 in un-streamlined form

Argyle locomotive Works have unveiled the first images of the un-streamlined version of the C38 4-6-2.  The 38 class design was based on a need to eliminate the complications of double heading required on a number of fast interstate passenger trains. The conditions of track work with frequent sharp curvature to be traversed at high speed would require six-coupled driving wheels in a ‘Pacific’ 4-6-2 configuration. Maintenance considerations suggested a two cylinder simple steam locomotive. In May 1939 an order for five 38 class locomotives was placed with Clyde Engineering with a distinctive streamlined boiler casing. The remaining 25 locomotives were built without streamlining at the NSWGR Eveleigh and Cardiff Workshops. From 1961 the locomotives were progressively withdrawn from service. Four have survived into preservation being 3801, 3813, 3820 and 3830.

The model will be available in both Streamlined and Un-streamlined versions and in a variety of liveries and power options. Pilot Model 2016 – you can download the order form here.  Place your reservations with our Hereford office now – prices may be subject to currency revision. With prices ranging from a UK RRP of £3,550.00 (electric) to £3,795.00 (Live Steam) we think they represent outstanding value for money.

Product Specifications – Live Steam Version:

  • Scale: 1:32
  • Gauge: 45mm
  • Valve Gear: Walschaerts, two cylinders, slide valves, cylinder drain cocks
  • Working Pressure: 60psi
  • Construction: Copper boiler, Brass boiler jacket, Brass cab, Brass tender,
  • Boiler Fittings: Safety valve, pressure gauge, water gauge
  • Axle water pump with bypass valve, Water hand pump with check valve
  • Length over buffers: 756mm (29.8 inches)
  • Width: 91mm (3.6 inches)
  • Height: 133mm (5.2 inches)
  • Min Radius: Electric 2m (6½ feet) Live Steam 3m (9 feet)
  • Steel drivers
  • Chassis is sprung on all wheels, with sprung side control on the leading bogie
  • Main driving axle boxes have oil reservoirs with felt oil pads
  • Trailing Truck has oil /felt reservoirs
  • Main Coupling rod and Connecting rod have a rotating bronze sleeve bearing common to both rods
  • Spirit fired boilers have Automatic Blower which opens when the Regulator is shut.

Liveries Available:

  • 3801 Streamlined, Verdant Green
  • 3803 Streamlined, Black / Red lining
  • 3813 Un-Streamlined, NSWGR Special Green
  • 3820 Un-Streamlined, Black / Red lining
  • 3830 Un-Streamlined, NSWGR Special Green (all green)
  • 3830 Un-Streamlined, Olive Green 1961 livery

Models & Options Available:

  • SG Live Steam, Gas Fired, Ceramic Burner
  • SA Live Steam, Alcohol Fired with multi tube boiler
  • EL Electric with full Cab Detail
  • RC Radio Control Fittings Kit for live steam models


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