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Spring finally seems to have arrived in Herefordshire and with it the promise of a summer filled with deliveries!  The show season continues with the big one, The National Garden Railway Show, on Saturday 8th April.  As ever we will have one or two surprises on our stand which will also be graced by a Type 1 Decauville, no, not (just) the 1:13.7 Scale Accucraft one but a 12″:1′ scale version from North Bay Works!  We will be expecting the little Decauvilles to arrive in early May and all bar a handful of the first consignment are spoken for.  We very much look forward to seeing you at our stand at Peterborough – don’t miss out on some of the very special deals we are offering on U.S. items for the duration of the show only!

By the late 1800s, France’s Decauville Manufacturing Company had established themselves as builders of reliable and simple to operate narrow gauge steam locomotives. Many of their designs were intended for use in agricultural, mining, and light industrial settings. One such loco was a Decauville Type 1, 3-ton 0-4-0T built in 1899, construction #302, for the Dombe Grande Sugar Estates in what was then the Portuguese territory of Angola. The loco was named Bathala. In 1930, after three decades of dependable operation, Bathala was placed in a museum on the company’s grounds.

In light of the success of our Quarry Hunslet in this scale, used to represent 2′ gauge on 45mm track, we feel that another gauge-adjustable 7/8ths” loco will be well received.  The more generous proportions of models in this scale offer the opportunity to look at prototypes which would be rather too small in 1:19 scale but which we have long hankered after.  The model is gas fired and fitted with a water top up valve, water gauge with blow-down valve, miniature pressure gauge; constructed of stainless steel and etched brass, the loco has an enhanced level of detail made possible by this scale including a reversing lever and brake stand / gas control valve.

Three different colour versions are offered: maroon, green, and black. Each version also features an attractive contrasting colour lining. The UK RRP is £1695.00 including shipping, duty, VAT and UK warranty support. It is exclusively available in the UK from our Herefordshire office.


Scale: 7/8ths” to 1 foot (1:13.7)
Length: 208 mm (8.19 inches)
Width: 110.5 mm (4.35 inches)
Height: 181.6 mm (7.15 inches)
Weight: TBA
Min Radius: 2′ radius
Gauge: Adjustable to either 32 mm or 45mm
Boiler: Centre Flue
Working Pressure: 60 psi
1/2” Pressure Gauge
Water sight glass
Full backhead detail
Slide valve cylinders with fixed cut-off
Full Walschaerts valve gear
Fuel: Butane Gas

Colours available subject to production batch:

B77-531 Decauville 0-4-0T in Maroon
B77-532 Decauville 0-4-0T in Green
B77-533 Decauville 0-4-0T in Black

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