Accucraft August News

It is hard to believe we have already reached August and the garden railway season is well under way.  One of the highlights of this time of year is the Llanfair Garden Railway Show on 3rd / 4th September, timed to coincide with the Gala on the resurgent Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway – both events are not to be missed!

Currency fluctuations

Recent volatility in global currency markets have been a cause for concern.  All future deliveries from the factory may be subject to a currency surcharge, the size of which will depend on the rates in force at the time of delivery.  We will calculate this surcharge on a case by case basis to ensure that customers get the most favourable rate and will do our best to avoid having to apply it.

Welshpool & Llanfair No. 14 – Price rise

Owing to the drop in the value of Sterling we will have no choice but to increase the unit price of No. 14 to £1800.00 for manual models and £2100.00 for the radio control version.  We have elected to absorb some of the increased cost ourselves but customers will need to contact their dealer to find out how this will affect the price they will pay.  However, we still regard this model as offering outstanding value for money!

Llanfair Garden Railway Show

As ever we will be bringing our stand to the Llanfair Garden Railway Show on 3rd / 4th September and hope to bring some recent releases and production samples of our new models.  Once again, we will be selling the ‘sweepings off the factory floor’ – an assortment of ‘open box’ locomotives, items of rolling stock and numerous parts and accessories that are cluttering up our warehouse; all these items will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis each day – bring cash!  The stock will be refreshed on the Sunday when we have made some room.

The W&LLR Gala is their biggest event of the year, now over three days.  Every operating engine will be in use.  Traction engines, steam cars and lorries, a model railway exhibition, demonstrations and trade stands, and a shuttle bus to the associated Llanfair Garden Railway Show up the hill at Llanfair High School.

Llanfair Show

Recent arrivals

Delivery of ‘Mannin’, both live steam and electric, is now complete and all the stock has been sent out to dealers.  We also took delivery of a batch of ‘Ragleths’ and these are selling well, all the blue ones have now been sold but the other colours are still available, as are power units. The R19-3 W&L open wagons are still in stock and we expect our next rolling stock delivery to be the 1:32 scale RCH wagons in September.  We also have G202-01 and G202-02 packs of ‘Euro’ track (6’ lengths) back in stock as well as a limited amount of AM39-101 U.S. narrow gauge track (5’ lengths).

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