Accucraft March News

This month we are able to bring some exciting news from Accucraft (US), their first commercial electric model of a diesel locomotive in 1:29 scale and some amazing bargains to be had in their Mad March Sale!  We are also issuing a last call for orders for the Australian NA Class 2-6-2T.

Last call for the NA Class 2-6-2T!

Argyle Models have now pressed the ‘go’ button on production of these superb models and there are only a few remaining.  All the black electric samples are now sold out and most other versions will soon follow suit.  Contact us to make a reservation now!  You can see full details of the locomotives here.

1:29 Scale GP60 / GP60M

We are delighted to announce the production of these 1:29 scale, 45mm gauge models. The EMD GP60M in Santa Fe “Warbonnet” livery should be very popular! In addition to the paint schemes announced for the GP60s and GP60Ms Accucraft (US) will also be producing the very similar GP59 in Norfolk & Southern colours.

Developed and manufactured between 1985 and 1992 by General Motors’ Electro-Motive Division (EMD), the four axle GP60-series locomotives produced 3800 h.p. from a 16-cylinder, 710-series engine. Most were initially purchased for use on fast intermodal trains. Including the three demonstrators, EMD constructed a total of 294 GP60s for seven different U.S. customers.

At the request of Santa Fe, EMD also built 63 wide-nose GP60Ms featuring a “safety cab”. These units were delivered in Santa Fe’s famous aluminum & red “Warbonnet” paint scheme. EMD also built 23 cabless GP60B “booster” units for the railroad. Santa Fe initially assigned its GP60Ms in sets to their most time-sensitive intermodal trains.

To appeal to railroads requiring slightly less horsepower and wanting to conserve fuel, EMD also built three GP59 demonstrators. Featuring a 12-cylinder 710-series prime mover with 3000 h.p. peak output, they have a few minor spotting differences when compared to the similar looking GP60. EMD’s GP59 demonstrators were sold to Norfolk Southern, who also purchased an additional thirty three units. Interestingly, NS also purchased fifty regular nose GP60s from the builder. The GP60, GP60M and GP60B were the last new four axle high horsepower freight locomotives built by EMD.

The model has a rugged plastic body, individually powered die-cast trucks, Plug-and-Play modular PC boards, directional LED headlights, front ditch lights, battery power connectors, lighted front numbers, cab interior lights, realistic driver figure, sliding cab windows, cab mounted mirrors, rooftop mounted air conditioner (specific road names), see-through steps, sturdy plastic handrails and stanchions, front pilot plough, coupler lift bars, grab irons on sides and ends, MU hoses, rotating rooftop fans, cast brass rooftop lift rings and a brass underframe bell. Minimum radius 2’ 6″.

Available Q4 2014 – UK RRP £530.00 – Versions as follows:


G801-01A  – Santa Fe, Blue/Yellow #4022
G801-01B  – Santa Fe, Blue/Yellow #4035
G801-02A  – Rio Grande, Black/Orange #3154
G801-02B  – Rio Grande, Black/Orange #3156
G801-03A  – Unioin Pacific, Yellow/Gray #1994
G801-03B  – Union Pacific, Yellow/Gray #2098
G801-04A  – Southern Pacific, Gray/Red #9757
G801-05A  – Southern Pacific, Gray/Red #9785
G801-06A  – Vermont Railway, Red/White #381
G801-07A  – Norfolk Southern, Black/White #7100
G801-08A  – Norfolk Southern “Operation Lifesaver”, Black/White #7140
G801-09A  – CSX Transportation, Blue/Yellow #6897
G801-09B  – CSX Transportation, Blue/Yellow #6899

EMD GP60M wide-nose

G801-51A -Santa Fe, aluminum/red #100
G801-51B -Santa Fe, aluminum/red #101
G801-51C -Santa Fe, aluminum/red #144
G801-51D -Santa Fe, aluminum/red #157
G801-52A – BNSF “heritage”, green/orange #117
G801-52B – BNSF “heritage”, green/orange #145
G801-53A – BNSF “wedge” logo, black/orange #130
G801-53B – BNSF “wedge” logo, black/orange #150


G801-10 -NorfolkSouthern, green/gray #4610
“Southern Railway”  100th Anniversary

Accucraft (US) March Madness Sale!

We are able to pass on some incredible discounts for Accucraft (US) live steam and electric models!  Contact you local dealer to check availability – once the discontinued items are gone, they’re gone!


AC77-015 Ruby #5 0-4-0 with Pressure Gauge £ 495.00
AC77-020 Ruby #3 0-4-0 Ida Saddle Tank £ 435.00
AC77-045 Plantation 0-4-2 £ 795.00
AC77-048 Plantation 0-4-2 £ 795.00
AC77-632 Climax Two Truck, Mich Cal #4 £1695.00

1:20.3 Scale Electric

AC78-201 Porter 0-4-0 £ 555.00
AC78-514 Plymouth Diesel, yellow £ 555.00
AC78-520 Diesel Switcher D&RGW £ 555.00
AC78-531 Whitcomb 45-ton Diesel, Grey £ 875.00
AC78-532 Whitcomb 45-ton Diesel, Yellow £ 875.00
AC78-533 Whitcomb 45-ton Diesel, Blue £ 875.00
AC78-534 Whitcomb 45-ton Diesel, Green £ 875.00
AC78-631 Climax Two Truck, Straight Stack £1595.00
AC78-632 Climax Two Truck, Mich Cal #4 £1595.00

DISCOUNTED ITEMS – 1:32 Scale Live Steam

AL97-081 Royal Hudson #2850 Royal Blue 1939, Gas Fired £3595.00
AL97-081A Royal Hudson #2850 Royal Blue 1939, Alcohol Fired £3595.00
AL97-082 Royal Hudson #2850 Maroon ‘As it is Today’, Gas Fired £3595.00
AL97-082A Royal Hudson #2850 Maroon ‘As it is Today’, Alcohol Fired £3595.00
AL97-083 Royal Hudson #2850 Maroon ‘As it Ran in Service’, Gas Fired £3595.00
AL97-101 Pennsylvania T1 4-4-4-4, Alcohol Fired £4895.00

AL97-391 UP ‘Big Boy” 4-8-8-4 #4012 Gas Fired £7895.00
AL97-392 UP ‘Big Boy” 4-8-8-4 #4004 Gas Fired £7895.00
AL97-393 UP ‘Big Boy” 4-8-8-4 #4008 Gas Fired £7895.00
AL97-394 UP ‘Big Boy” 4-8-8-4 #4015 Gas Fired £7895.00
AL97-395 UP ‘Big Boy” 4-8-8-4 #4018 Gas Fired £7895.00
AL97-396 UP ‘Big Boy” 4-8-8-4 #4014 Gas Fired £7895.00

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