Accucraft December News

Happy Christmas to all our customers!  This month we have a report from the Warley Model Railway Exhibition, news of stock arrivals in the UK and a great sale of Accucraft (US) equipment.  We hope you have an enjoyable festive season and look forward to being able to supply you with some really terrific models in 2013.

Warley – Accucraft sponsors ‘L & B World’

We were delighted to be able to sponsor the ‘Lynton & Barnstaple World’ show within a show at Warley this year.  The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Trust had assembled a splendid array of L & B layouts and associated stands including a 16mm scale layout where three of our brand new ‘Lews’ were upholding the honour of Accucraft (UK) and clocking up their first miles in traffic.  The centre piece of this impressive display was the full size ‘Lyd’ from the Ffestiniog Railway and we enjoyed spending time with Paul Lewin and James Evans who did so much to drive that new-build forward.  Remember, you can still order one of our limited edition ‘Lyds’ and not only have a unique loco but make a valuable contribution to the real thing!  You can download the order form here as a PDF file or here as a ‘Word’ document.

Ian Pearse with ‘Lyd’ and some of those who supported ‘L & B World’ at Warley this year

Stock arrivals in the UK

Back in stock with your local retailer are the W & L open wagons.  We have re-run all three liveries but the latest batch now features four new running numbers, W & L #15, 16, 17, 18 and GWR #34161, 34163, 34168, 34170.  For those of you who must have the full deck of W & L stock, make sure you get some before they sell out!

W&L Wagon - W&L Light Grey

Available in W&L Light Grey, G W Dark Grey, 4 different running numbers in each colour; or Data only in light grey. The wagon comes with a 45mm insulated wheel set fitted but a 32mm wheel set is provided for use on ‘0’ gauge. Couplings are chopper type but have a hook fitted if you wish to remove the chopper hook and use 3 link chains.

Trackshack, on the Isle of Man, has commissioned a limited run of private owner wagons based on those operated by Messrs. J. L. Peate & Sons, coal and lime merchants in Llanfair.  Private owner wagons on British narrow gauge systems were rare but Peates used five on the W & L, painted dark maroon with white lettering.  We have produced four (No’s 2,5,6 & 7), based on our existing Welshpool & Llanfair open wagon, which are only be available from Trackshack.

Whitcomb Side Rod Diesels

Just a reminder that Accucraft still have stock of these great-looking side rod diesels.  Beautifully built out of brass, the highly detailed body has full louvres on the engine compartment which is a boon for those who want to fit sound to these locos – the capacious body has plenty of room for a speaker and the metal construction makes a terrific resonator!  With a UK RRP of £970.00 we think they are more than a match for some of the plastic-bodied competition.

Between October 1942 and September 1945 the Whitcomb Locomotive Works produced 37 type 45DE27b locomotives at their Rochelle Illinois plant. This designation, 45DE27b, indicates a 45 ton (45) diesel electric locomotive (DE) of design 27, variant b. All of these locomotives were ordered for use by the military or war related critical industries. Six 45DE27b’s were built for the U.S. Navy’s “District Rail Transportation Coordinator” (DRTC) located at Pearl Harbor Hawaii and were 36 inch gauge. These six locomotives joined the DRTC “pool” and although used primarily by the Navy, some were occasionally leased to the Oahu Railway and Land Company to supplement their war time operations. Following the end of World War Two four of these locomotives were assigned to the Naval Ammunition Depot, Lualualei, Hawaii and two to Naval Ammunition Station, West Loch, Hawaii. In 1948 one locomotive was sold to the Kahuku Plantation on the North Shore of Oahu. The remaining five stayed in service at Lualualei and West Loch until the end of the Navy’s rail operations in 1974. Three of the now surplus locomotives were purchased by Dulien Steel Inc. of Seattle Washington and two were donated by the Navy to the Hawaiian Railway Society where they remain in operation.

Accucraft (US) sale

We are delighted to offer you a tempting array of discounted American stock on sale this month.  These are available from the warehouse in San Francisco, shipping normally takes four to five weeks.  Contact your local retailer as soon as possible to make a reservation!


AL87-751/2 Mason Bogie 2-6-6T Live Steam

Was £2495.00 now only £2130.00 (1:20.3 scale)



AL97-081//2/3 Royal Hudson 4-6-4 Live Steam

Was £4225.00 now only £3950.00 (1:32 scale)


G721-01/3 Switcher with slope tender Live Steam

Was £1420.00 now only £1095.00 (1:29 scale)



G931-01/2/3/6/7 USRA Switcher 0-6-0 (Electric)

Was £1525.00 now just £775.00 (1:29 scale)



AC88-341 West Side Lumber 3 Truck Shay (Electric)

Was £3920.00 now only £2965.00 (1:20.3 scale)



G401-11/2/3/4/5X PS-1 Box Cars 8′ Youngstown door

Was £115.00 now only £80.00 (1:29 scale)



G401-91/3/5 PS-1 Box Car 7′ Double doors

Was £115.00 now only £80.00 (1:29 scale)

G424-01/3/5/6/7/8/9 Stock Car

Was £120.00 now only £60.00 (1:29 scale)



AM31-440/450 4 x Tank Car sets

Was £555.00 now only £440.00 (1:20.3 scale)



AM2207-12/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/20/1/2 Flat Car

Was £120.00 now only £95.00 (1:20.3 scale)



AM31-540/50/60 Reefer – 4 car set

Was £555.00 now only £430.00 (1:20.3 scale)



AM33-010/1/5/6 Short Caboose

Was £155.00 now only £135.00 (1:20.3 scale)

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