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Quite a lot has been happening in the last few weeks.  We have had batches of models arriving from the factory in quick succession, the first batch of  ‘Lew’ has landed and manual locos will on their way to dealers shortly (with radio control versions following as they are equipped) and your local dealer should now have ‘Ragleths’ back in stock as well as the Isle of Man four-wheel coaches, including the much anticipated green and cream versions.  While on the subject of the Isle of Man, Trackshack has commissioned the firm’s first live steam loco.  Accucraft (US) have also been busy and have announced the production of a very limited run of the archetypal D&RGW K-37 2-8-2 as well as re-running the ever popular Jackson Sharp coaches in 1:20.3 scale.  Finally, don’t forget to come and see us at Warley – we’re sponsoring the ‘L & B World‘ stand and will be there with ‘Lyd’, the 12″ to 1′ version!

Isle of Man four-wheel coaches

These lovely little coaches are again available (while stocks last!) in both IoM red and cream and in a freelance green and cream livery.  Although they are 1:20.3 (15mm) scale they lend themselves very well to running with 1:19 (16mm) scale locomotives and stock.

‘Sea Lion’ – Groudle Glen Railway 2-4-0T in 7/8ths” scale!

‘Sea Lion’ at Lhen Coan station on the Groudle Glen Railway

We are delighted to announce TrackShack has commissioned Accucraft UK to produce the Groudle Glen railway Bagnall 2-4-0T ‘Sea Lion’ in live steam.  The model will be to 7/8ths” scale (1:13.7) for 45mm gauge track and will happily harmonise with the Trackshack/IP Engineering range of 7/8ths” scale Groudle Glen rolling stock kits.  Built to Accucraft’s usual high standards, the loco will be constructed of copper, brass and stainless steel and carry the enhanced level of detail that scale allows.  The target UK RRP is hoped to be about £1000 and the models will be exclusively available from Trackshack.  You can see more information here.

At least 50% of any profit from this model will go to the Groudle Glen Railway to help fund a very special project.

D&RGW K-37 live steam 2-8-2

Accucraft’s new live steam K-37

The Denver & Rio Grande Western K-37s were classic American narrow gauge ‘Mikes’. They were originally built by Baldwin as part of an order for thirty standard gauge 2-8-0’s, class 190, in 1902.  Renumbered into class C-41 during the railroad’s reorganization in 1924 they were then converted to three foot gauge in 1928-30 at the railroad’s Burnham Shops with many new parts including new frames and smaller drivers. They were then renumbered into class K-37.

The locos worked out of Salida, Colorado to Gunnison, Colorado and up the Crested Butte Branch as well as the Monarch Branch. The locos also worked out of Alamosa, Colorado to Antonito over Cumbres Pass to Chama and on to Durango and the Farmington Branch. Like the K-36s the locos were not permitted West of Gunnison or on the Silverton branch. However, the Silverton branch has since been upgraded to take K-36s.  Of the eight preserved K-37s, only #497 has been operational, both on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad but it is now awaiting a major overhaul.

In model form the K-37 is one of the largest locomotives that can be built in 1:20.3 scale The huge boiler allows runs of well over an hour without injecting water. This new Live Steam version is also cross ported so that valve gear is in prototypical position for forward and reverse. This large model is extremely powerful , but unlike the prototype is very easy and rewarding to run.  Solidly constructed in copper, brass and stainless steel, the model features a butane-fired 60 psi boiler, slide valves, Walschaerts valve gear, safety valves, pressure gauge, water level glass, adjustable lubricator, boiler feed and tender water pump. Only fifty will be made and the following versions will be available early next year with a UK RRP of £5820.00:

AL87-241 – K-37 D&RGW #490, Flying Rio Grande Logo, Live Steam
AL87-242 – K-37 D&RGW #491, Flying Rio Grande Logo, Live Steam
AL87-243 – K-37 D&RGW #495, Flying Rio Grande Logo, Live Steam
AL87-244 – K-37 D&RGW #499, Green w/ Moffat Logo, Live Steam

D&RGW Jackson Sharp coaches and combines

Accucraft (US) have run another batch of these iconic Denver & Rio Grande Western coaches in the traditional green livery and the ‘Bumble Bee’ yellow varnish finish, perfect for running with your new K-37!  These coaches have been hard to obtain since the last production run finished and although some UK dealers have refreshed their stocks we do not anticipate being able to get more after Christmas.  The UK RRP per coach is £237.00.

D&RGW ‘combine’ in the double stripe ‘Bumble Bee’ livery

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