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While we at Accucraft (UK) have been busy with a multitude of new projects, Accucraft (US) have been progressing their own new designs and we are delighted to reveal a couple of these.  We also have news of our staunch little ‘Caledonia’ flying the Accucraft flag at Barter Books, running her own marathon in the Olympic year!

Emma – a new venture in 7/8ths” scale American outline

Emma – 0-4-0ST Brooks type loco

Possibly encouraged by strong forward orders for our Quarry Hunslet in 7/8ths” scale, Accucraft (US) has developed this charming little industrial loco to represent a 2′ gauge saddle tank on 45mm gauge track.  Locos of this type operated around the world in tank, saddle tank and tender formats and this model could easily be the starting point for numerous modifications!


Scale/Gauge: 1:13.3 Scale / 45mm Gauge
Minimum Radius: 1.2 M (48 in.)
Fuel: Butane
Cylinder: Two Cylinders
Fittings: Throttle, Water level gauge, Lubricator, Pressure gauge

AC77-501          EMMA 0-4-0ST Unlettered, Live Steam  UK RRP £895.00
AC77-502          EMMA 0-4-0ST, Live Steam                   UK RRP £895.00

Union Pacific ‘Big Boy’ in Gauge 1 – 1:32 scale


The colossal Union Pacific ‘Big Boy’ 4-8-8-4

In case our standard gauge fans are feeling neglected, Accucraft (US) have announced that their live steam ‘Big Boy’ will be available this autumn.  The debate as to which is the largest steam locomotive ever built goes on to this day. Its always been between Union Pacific’s Big Boy and the C&O Allegheny!  The figures of weight and size are bounced around by who ever happens to feel the need! How can a 4-8-8-4 weigh less then a 2-6-6-6? The answer may come from the fact that the Allegheny’s boiler is a bit larger then the Big Boy! The listed figure of weight on the Allegheny is 724,500 lbs however this figure goes as high as 778,000 lbs on engines 1600-1609 for the 1941 Lima built locomotives. The general published weight on the Big Boy is 772,250 lbs. This debate will continue for years to come because if it hasn’t been solved in almost 70 years it never will be.  The Allegheny’s 7,498 horsepower compared to 6,900 for the Big Boy means the race for the biggest and most powerful starts to lean toward the Allegheny. However the jury is still out on this subject, and its safe to say that both machines were awesome, and that they will always represent the pinnacle of steam locomotive development in North America.

The Accucraft live steam ‘Big Boy’ is to be made as a strictly limited edition so ensure you reserve yours before they are all spoken for!

Just get a load of this video.  Simply awesome footage!


Scale/ Gauge:  1:32 Scale, 45mm Gauge
Fuel:  Butane gas fired, dual flue, located in tender with water bath
Valve gear:  Walschaert’s in correct orientation for forward/reverse with screw reverser in cab, 4 cylinders with drain cocks fitted
Boiler pressure:  65 PSI working pressure
Fittings:  Hand pump located in tender, axle driven pump, water level gauge, blow down valve, throttle valve, two safety valves, super heater tube, pressure gauge, hydro-static adjustable lubricator
Minimum radius: 10′

AL97-391 BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 UP #4012 UK RRP £8640.00
AL97-392 BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 UP #4005 UK RRP £8640.00
AL97-393 BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 UP #4008 UK RRP £8640.00
AL97-394 BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 UP #4015 UK RRP £8640.00
AL97-395 BIG BOY 4-8-8-4 UP #4018 UK RRP £8640.00

‘Caledonia’ – 2,250 actual miles and counting!

The Accucraft ‘Caledonia’ running round the bookshelf circuit at Barter Books in Alnwick has now completed an astonishing two and a quarter thousand miles of continuous running with only light maintenance and lubrication.  We have never had the chance to test a loco to such an extent before in ‘controlled’ conditions and are delighted that this electric loco seems more resilient than many other G Scale engines.  David Champion reports that they are eagerly awaiting the electric ‘Lew’ and matching coaches.

‘Caledonia’ hauls her Isle of Man train round the Barter Books circuit

She looks very much at home in the old Alnwick train shed

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