NG16 GARRATT Live Steam 2-6-2+2-6-2

This model is now discontinued.

NG16 Garratts were developed for the 2 foot gauge railways of South Africa where their flexible wheelbase and high tractive effort enabled them to work the twisting secondary lines. With the closure of many of these lines redundant NG16s have found a new home on the Welsh Highland Railway where you can still see them doing the job they were designed for.

The superb Accucraft model fully captures all the detail of the prototype as well as its potent hauling capacity.

The loco is internally gas fired with a twin flue boiler. The boiler is fitted with a water gauge glass which will allow for continuous running with the addition of a boiler filler system . The model is gauge adjustable from 32mm (0 gauge) to 45mm (1 gauge) and has insulated wheels as standard. The axles run in bronze bearings and all the rods and valve gear are manufactured from stainless steel.

The engine is available in manual or radio control versions. The cab roof slides back to give access to the gas, water and lubricator fillers. The cab has full rivet detail The boiler is fitted with a water blow down valve and the displacement lubricator has an under floor drain valve.

The model is built from stainless steel and brass, and with the correct maintenance, will give a lifetime of pleasure. Because they are batch built, forward ordering is essential.

The model represents the Garratt locomotives presently running on the Welsh Highland Railway. It was available in the WHR Edison Energy Green, No 138, Plain Black as No 143, or without plates in GWR Green with red lining, or in LMS Crimson Lake with yellow lining.


  • Scale: 1:19
  • Dual gauge: 32/45mm
  • 2-6-2+2-6-2, internally gas fired with butane.
  • Dimensions: length 788mm (31″), width 128mm (5″), height 171mm (63/4“).
  • Minimum radius 1.2m (48″).
  • (Optional) Radio control
Colours available, subject to production batch:

MS0070 – NG16 Garratt in LMS maroon
MS0071 – NG16 Garratt in GWR green
MS0072 – NG16 Garratt in WHR (Edison) green
MS0073 – NG16 Garratt in black

The Instruction manual can be downloaded as a PDF file – Instructions for NG16 GARRATT or for the RC version – Instructions for NG16 GARRATT RC

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