Accucraft November News

Sorry about the somewhat late delivery of this newsletter, we have been awaiting news from the factory.  The good news is that the Gauge 1 rolling stock is now on its way  We have also been offered another collection of Aster locomotives to sell with unbeatable provenance and already half has been sold, the balance is listed at the bottom of this bulletin.  We are also listing some ‘open box’ and offer items from our own gauge 1 stock.

GWR 43XX 2-6-0 Moguls

After a seemingly endless gestation period we are pleased to be able to report that the GWR Moguls are nearly finished and we anticipate shipping them in December for delivery in the New Year. We are also happy to report that we have been able to hold the UK RRPs to those originally advertised, £2500.00 and £2595.00, although we may have to apply a small shipping surcharge depending on the rates current at the time.

BR Mk1 RMB Coaches + SK and BSK variants

The Mk1 coaches are now on their way, make sure you have a pre-order placed since they will be a one-off production run with some more SKs and BSKs to mop up residual demand. Delivery will also be in the first week or two of the New Year. The UK RRP will be £295.00.

1:32 Scale oil tankers in black

Coming with the Mk1s is another run of the Gauge 1 oil tankers, this time in black and white! The following versions will be available, UK RRP £95.00: R32-3A Plain Black R32-3E Esso R32-3F Shell-BP

Gauge 1 Specials

These are the last few Adams Radial Tanks, there may be only one of each livery left.

S32-15A – L&SWR Adams green, fully lined, No. 488 £1,995.00
S32-15C – SR lined Maunsell green, No. 0846 (Open Box) £1,895.00
S32-15D – SR plain black, ‘sunshine’ lettering, No. 3488 £1,995.00
S32-15F – BR black, early emblem, No. 30583 £1,995.00
S32-15G – BR black, late crest, No. 30583 £1,995.00
S32-15H – L&SWR Drummond green, fully lined (Drummond boiler), No. 486 £1,995.00

Kerr Stuart ‘Victory’ 0-6-0Ts

S32-14A GWR Green (Swindon safety valve bonnet) £1,195.00
S32-14B Black (Swindon safety valve bonnet) £1,195.00

‘Open Box’ and second-hand Gauge 1 locomotives for sale

A rare and unusual collector’s item, a Gauge 1 GWR ‘King’ 4-6-0 No. 6028 ‘King George VI’ by Stewart Reidpath Models of Herne Bay, Kent, more usually associated with early OO gauge models. The locomotive was made as a presentation model (unpowered) and is supplied with a wooden base and plexiglass case – £1500.00

Live Steam

Aster Berkshire 2-8-4 converted to Southern Pacific form, No. 3509, fitted with a Coffin pre-heater, a rare model of a rare prototype (there were only 10 SP examples).  The model is in  great condition, RC fitted and comes with a wooden carry case – £4750.00

Aster-Accucraft 9F 2-10-0, No. 92059 in BR black, late crest.  Now hard to come by, this version has the BR1C tender.  Excellent condition, little used, as new with wooden carry case – £4250.00

Aster-Accucraft 5MT 4-6-0, No. 73096 in lined BR green, late crest.  The latest rendering of this popular model with the BR1C tender.  Mint condition, little used – £3750.00

Aster-Accucraft Great Northern Heavy Mikado 2-8-2 No. 3202, new and unused in its original box – £3950.00

Aster-Accucraft Union Pacific Light Mikado 2-8-2 No. 2840, new and unused with its original box – £3500.00

Accucraft SP Daylight 4-8-4 GS4 #4449 live steam, butane-fired, flanged drivers.  Beautiful, well cared-for model – SOLD

Aster-Accucraft LNER/BR B1 4-6-0 BR Apple Green, No. 61306 ‘Mayflower’ RTR – £3600.00
Finescale Brass GWR A30 Autocoach in BR carmine – SOLD
Accucraft AL97-035K SP P-8 Class 4-6-2 #2467, Butane Fired (Kit) – £3450.00 (UK RRP £3995.00)
J&M/Accucraft LSWR All third, BR Green – £500.00 (UK RRP £850.00)

In addition to the above we have the following to sell, all from the estate of a renowned model engineer:

Aster Swiss four-cylinder compound A3/5 4-6-0 – black                            £3400.00

Aster LNER A3 Flying Scotsman 4-6-2 – LNER apple green                       £4000.00

Aster British Railways 5MT 4-6-0 – green                                                    £3750.00

Aster BR38 4-6-0 – black (working steam turbine)                                      £3750.00

Aster Rebuilt Merchant Navy Clan Line 4-6-2 – BR green (turbine)           SOLD

Aster BOB Winston Churchill 4-6-2 – BR green                                           £4000.00

Aster SNCF 232 U1 4-6-4 – Green                                                                 SOLD

Aster KPEV Glaskasten 0-4-0T Green                                                          £2250.00

Aster AD 60 Garratt Beyer 4-8-4+4-8-4 – black                                            £8500.00

Aster C& O Allegheny 2-6-6-6 – black (working steam turbine)                 £12,500.00

Aster UP Challenger 4-6-6-4 – black (working steam turbine)                     £10,000.00

Aster Nickel Plate Berkshire 2-8-4 – black (working steam turbine)           £8000.00

Maerklin DB Class V100 – red                                                                         £350.00

Bowande 14XX 0-4-2T – GWR green                                                           £1450.00

Aster Great Northern Railway S2 4-8-4 – green (working steam turbine)  £6500.00

Aster GWR Castle Class Kingswear Castle 4-6-0 – GWR green                 SOLD

Aster S2/6 4-4-4 – red + nine Maerklin bogie coaches                               SOLD

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