Accucraft February News

Welcome to our February update.  We are pleased to say that after various delays, at least three projects are making good progress at the factory.  The 1:32 scale GWR 43XX is coming along and the 1:19 scale ‘Lawley’ is also now in production; in addition to these two, the 1:32 Mk1 coaches are once again back on track and we hope to see all three of these projects within four to six months.

1:19 Scale ‘Lawley’ 4-4-0

The factory has commenced making parts for the eagerly anticipated ‘Lawley’ 4-4-0 and we aim to have the sample with us at Midlands Garden Rail Show. The museum quality model is internally gas fired and is gauge adjustable for either 32mm (‘0’ gauge) or 45mm (‘1’ gauge) – all the parts for this are supplied with the model. This operation can be undertaken by the owner and only takes a few minutes. The cab roof lifts up to give access to the water filler. The boiler is fitted with a water gauge, pressure gauge and the gas tank is in a water bath in the tender (which also has a dry space for fitting radio control). The model is fitted with slide valves, functioning Stephenson valve gear and is built from stainless steel, copper and brass. Estimated UK RRP £2950.00 inc. VAT – don’t miss the pre-order price!

Revisions during the design stage have included the provision of a single-skinned roof only, sliding cabside louvres, twin lubricators and the decision to produce the headlamps as an after-market accessory.

Research has shown that the SAR green livery is close enough to justify using the same colour as that which we applied to our Lynton & Barnstaple locomotives and it would not be too great a stretch of the imagination to envisage one of these plying its trade in North Devon!

S19-36A Lawley NG6 4-4-0 – Beira Railway Green
S19-36B Lawley NG6 4-4-0 – SAR Green
S19-36C Lawley NG6 4-4-0 – SAR Black

1:19 Scale Cranmore Peckett 0-4-0ST

We have been delighted by the reaction of customers who bought the 1:19 (16mm) Cranmore Peckett saddle tanks and are grateful for all your kind words.  It is, indeed, a lovely little locomotive but we omitted to say a couple of things in the instructions!  Firstly, the wheels can be re-gauged in the normal fashion, by carefully inverting the locomotive and slackening off the grub screws in the wheel bosses (using the Allen key provided) and moving the wheels in or out until the alternative dimple in the axle is located at which point the grub screw can be re-tightened.  We appreciate that after runs of “either/or”  locomotives, many customers wanted a truly gauge adjustable one!  Secondly, the cab spectacle glasses are protected on the inside by a film of transparent blue plastic – this can be carefully peeled back with a finger nail.

Please be aware that nearly all the initial delivery has been sold and although we will be taking orders for the second batch, these may not be available until the summer, so, if you are still hesitating, don’t leave it too late!

You can find a short video on YouTube covering the main features of the Peckett (and a couple you may not have discovered yet!).

The Midlands Garden Rail Show

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