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Coming soon!  The handsome Southern Pacific P-8 4-6-2.

The Accucraft SP P-8 is due for release in July and will now also be available as a kit.  For those Aster builders with an Aster ‘Mike’ this could be a good companion.

Constructed by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1921, Southern Pacific’s fifteen P-8 class 4-6-2s #2461-2475 were obtained primarily for passenger service over the Ogden-Carlin segment of the railroad’s famed “Overland Route”. Over the route’s maximum gradient of 1.5%, a single P-8 was rated for a trailing load of 875-tons, approximately an eleven car passenger train. The P-8s thrived in this service until delivery of the larger, more powerful Mt-class 4-8-2s in the late 1920s. Most P-8s were then transferred further west for service between Oakland and Sacramento, along with the demanding Peninsula commute service between San Francisco and San Jose. Espee’s P-8 class 4-6-2s lasted until the mid-1950s, at which time they were replaced by diesels and retired.

Two Southern Pacific P-8 class locomotives were saved. SP #2467 was donated to the City of Oakland in 1960 and placed on display at Harrison Railroad Park. In April 1959, SP #2472 was donated to the City of San Mateo and placed on display at the Fairgrounds.

UK RRP – RTR (Butane or Alcohol)  £4295.00, KIT £3795.00 RTR Electric £3795.00

AL97-035 SP P-8 4-6-2 – #2467, Butane Fired  
AL97-037 SP P-8 4-6-2 – #2472, Butane Fired  
AL97-035A SP P-8 4-6-2 – #2467, Alcohol Fired 
AL97-037A SP P-8 4-6-2 – #2472, Alcohol Fired
AL98-035 SP P-8 4-6-2 – #2467, Electric
AL98-037 SP P-8 4-6-2 – #2472, Electric 


Scale / Gauge: 1:32 / 45 mm
Construction: Brass & Stainless Steel
Mini. Radius: 10 ft. (3 M)
Length: 35.02 in. (889.6 mm)
Width: 3.75 in. (95.25 mm)
Height: 5.95 in. (151.06 mm)


Alcohol / Butane fired
60 PSI working pressure
Two Cylinders w/D-valve
Walschaerts valve gear
Water level glass
Check valve
Axle water pump
Hand water pump in tender

Dora’s back in town!

Dora is a freelance live-steam 0-4-0T locomotive in 1:20.3 scale. It has been designed to be simple to operate and reliable in service, an ideal starter loco in fact! Operating a live-steam locomotive is very different from running an electric engine. It is a more hands-on, interactive experience. Many people have found the little locomotive to an ideal starting point for conversions and it is now available in four colours, lined black, blue, green and maroon.

UK RRP £495.00, available direct from Accucraft UK.

ACS-07B Dora 0-4-0, Live Steam Black 
ACS-07BL Dora 0-4-0, Live Steam Blue 
ACS-07M Dora 0-4-0, Live Steam Maroon 
ACS-07G Dora 0-4-0, Live Steam Green 


1:20.3 Scale / 45 mm Gauge
Brass & Stainless Steel Construction
48 in. (1.2 M) Mini. Radius
Length: 6.09 in. (155 mm)
Width: 3.5 in. (89 mm)
Height: 6.06 in. (154 mm)​


Butane fired
Single flue
Safety valve
Twin cylinder, geared steam motor

Isle of Man ‘Pairs’ and four-wheel coaches on their way.

We are pleased to say that we have a further run of these useful coaches in production at the factory.  We are only running coaches since the four-wheel ‘E’ Van and the ‘Pairs’ half-brake vehicles are already in stock in the UK.  These handy coaches make great 1:20.3 scale vehicles for those running 3′ gauge on 45mm track or are as just at home on 32mm gauge with 1:19 scale locomotives.  The coaches are supplied with both 54mm and 32mm gauge wheelsets which are easily changed.  Make sure you get your order in with your retailer now!

R19-10 ISLE of MAN 4 WHEEL COACH – 3rd – MAROON & CREAM £90.00
R19-10G ISLE of MAN 4 WHEEL COACH – 3rd – GREEN & CREAM £90.00
R19-24 I.O.M. ‘E’ VAN – MAROON & CREAM £90.00
R19-24G I.O.M. ‘E’ VAN – GREEN & CREAM £95.00 (US STOCK)

Back in stock!  Aster 1:32 Scale LNER/BR Class B1 4-6-0 – ORDER NOW!

We have just shipped the second batch of these attractive locomotives and (currently) have all types available, both numbered and un-numbered but they are selling fast!

The new B1 offers greater simplicity while keeping the high quality of Aster’s design and production principles. Our goal with this project is to give the Gauge One live steam market a wonderfully smooth running, simple to assemble, work of precision engineering that gives joy to all modellers and live steam enthusiasts at an affordable price. No. 61306, built in 1948, was delivered after nationalization to British Railways. In preservation, it was painted LNER apple green livery and given the number 1306, which would have been its LNER allocated number had LNER not been nationalized, and the name Mayflower, taken from a scrapped BR built Thompson B1. Aster B1 kits at £3100.00 for the kit and £3600.00 for the factory-built ready to runs, the second batch has just arrived.  Available in the UK from Accucraft UK, contact us to order.

AST-109-1K LNER Green #1306 Mayflower (In Preservation) – Kit
AST-109-2K LNER Black #1264 – Kit
AST-109-3K BR Black #61264 (In Preservation) – Kit
AST-109-4K BR Green #61306 Mayflower (In Preservation) – Kit
AST-109-1R LNER Green #1306 Mayflower (In Preservation) – RTR
AST-109-2R LNER Black #1264 – RTR
AST-109-3R BR Black #61264 (In Preservation) – RTR
AST-109-4R BR Green #61306 Mayflower (In Preservation) – RTR

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