Accucraft April News

Welcome to our April news bulletin.  This month we are pleased to announce a new small 1:19 (16mm) Scale locomotive for release early next year, as well as some developments in the 1:32 Scale range.

New for 2022!  ‘Cranmore’ type Peckett 0-4-0ST in 1:19 Scale

Much encouraged by the good reception of our Quarry Hunslet and the almost complete sell-out of those little locomotives, we are delighted to announce our next ‘small’ 16mm Scale engine, the delightfully proportioned ‘Cranmore’ type Peckett 0-4-0ST. Peckett & Sons of Bristol had long been renowned for producing industrial tank engines, many of them small saddle tanks, and the ‘Cranmore’ type had its origins in an 0-4-0 saddle tank version of the special 7×10” cylinder design, Works No.1030 of 1904 Gamecock which would be later be referred to as a ‘Cranmore Class’. The order was placed by the Mendip Granite & Ashphalte Co. for its 2’ gauge line connecting the quarry to Cranmore Station on the GWR and after its career there it was scrapped, although it is not known when. Small numbers of this type continued to be built, mainly for export and one (Works No. 1711 of 1926) was bought by the Metropolitan Gas Co., Melbourne, Australia, named Sir John Grice in 1928. Withdrawn in 1941 it was sold in 1962, joining the Whistle Stop Amusement Park, Frankston in 1965. The 2’ 6” gauge locomotive later moved to the Puffing Billy Railway in 1974 as a static exhibit but restoration started in 1978 and it was returned to service in 1981 painted light green with yellow lining.

The model is gauge-adjustable (32mm and 45mm), gas-fired and fitted with a water top up valve (hidden under the tank filler), water gauge with blow-down valve, lubricator and pressure gauge; constructed of stainless steel and etched brass with a copper boiler, the model will, as usual, be covered by our two-year warranty. The anticipated UK RRP is £1595.00 (for pre-orders, subject to the usual provisos), available Q1 2022. As ever, we’d like to thank David Fletcher for his superb drawings, illustrating the livery options. In response to customer requests, we will be supplying the model with two domes, the factory original (ogee) pattern and the simpler Australian type. The locomotive is fitted Accucraft chopper couplings. You can see full details here. Specifications:

Scale: 16mm to 1 foot (1:19)
Gauge: 32mm or 45mm (adjustable)
Length: 196mm
Width: 100mm
Height: 136mm
Boiler: Centre Flue
Working Pressure: 60psi
Weight: TBC
Minimum Radius: 600mm (2 feet)
Reversing Gear: Piston type, reverse by lever in the cab
Valve Gear: Simulated Stephenson’s link
Fuel: Butane Gas
Boiler Fittings: Safety valve, pressure gauge, water gauge with blow-down valve
Cab Controls: Steam regulator, gas regulator, reverse lever, lubricator
Sir John Grice nameplates (supplied loose)

Colours available, subject to production batch:

S19-38A Cranmore Peckett 0-4-0ST in Lined Light Green (Sir John Grice)
S19-38B Cranmore Peckett 0-4-0ST in Lined Dark Green
S19-38C Cranmore Peckett 0-4-0ST in Lined Maroon
S19-38D Cranmore Peckett 0-4-0ST in Lined Blue
S19-38E Cranmore Peckett 0-4-0ST in Plain Black

GWR 43XX Mogul 2-6-0 to be available as a kit!

Despite our early prediction that the 43XX might not be available as a kit we are delighted to report that the locomotive will also be available in this form.  Following the successful formula used with the Adams Radial Tank kits, assembly will be a simple nut and bolt together process requiring only simple tools and a bit of patience.

The model is built to1:32 scale for 45mm gauge track, gas-fired with a single flue boiler.  Built to a similar formula as our very successful 61XX 2-6-2T but with kit assembly in mind, the chassis is constructed from stainless steel, the wheels are un-insulated. The boiler is copper, the cab and bodywork are constructed from etched brass. The gas tank is in a water bath in the tender.  The model will run round 4′ 6″ radius curves and is happy on code 332 or code 250 tracks, however, we do not recommend running through LGB code 332 pointwork.  We are aware that there were a large number of livery variations among members of the class and will therefore be offering the variants subject to order volume.  The pre-shipment UK RRP will start at £2350.00 for the kit, £2500.00 for the RTR version, available to pre-order now.

S32-16KA – Unlined GWR green ‘Great Western’ – KIT
S32-16KB – Unlined GWR green ‘GWR’ – KIT
S32-16KC – Unlined BR black with early emblem – KIT
S32-16KD – Unlined BR black with late crest – KIT
S32-16KE – Lined BR green with early emblem – KIT
S32-16KF – Lined BR green with late crest – KIT
S32-16KK – Unlined ROD khaki, No. 5322 (TBC) – KIT
S32-16KR – Unlined ROD black, No. 5322 (TBC) – KIT

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