Accucraft September News

Welcome to our September update.  This month we can share some of the first images of the new Quarry Hunslet with you, as well as news of our moving sale and some never to be repeated US offers!

16mm (1:19) Scale Quarry Hunslet breaks cover!

We were thrilled to receive the production prototype of our new ‘Large’ Quarry Hunslet, a real vindication of our newly discovered ‘small engine policy’ (with respect to the Midland Railway!).  The locomotive is a gem and is beautifully detailed, right down to working sliding doors in the cab back sheet.  Trials are underway but we hope that the locomotive will be happy steaming for 25-30 minutes if the boiler is topped up (there is a Goodall valve under the filler cap on the saddle tank).  You can find full details here.

Autumn Sale!

We know many of you were disappointed that we had to scratch our Spring Sale and open day due to the Covid-19 outbreak and we are now planning to have a sale during the last week in September, now made more urgent by the need to leave the premises we currently occupy!  The sale will held on the basis of individual 30 minute pre-booked appointments which will allow customers to safely browse the stock being offered and make their purchases in a controlled Covid-19 secure atmosphere (subject to the restrictions in place at the time).  Given that much of the stock consists of ‘open box’ items, show stock (complete with travel boxes in most instances), ‘end of line’ items and original prototypes, it will be sold ‘as seen’ and we will be unable to publish a complete list of all that will be on offer but the image below gives an idea of some of those items available, the boxes will be for collection only.  The sale will start at 11:00hrs on Monday 28th September with appointments on the hour and half past the hour until 16:00hrs – the sale will only last the week.  Please ring or email us with your preferred time (and adjacent times in case that slot is already taken).  In addition to the locomotives and rolling stock on offer we will have a selection of Code 332 track for sale.

U.S. End of Line offers

We have the following locomotives, which are now sold out in the UK, available from our inventory in Union City, California.  Each locomotive is offered with a free item of rolling stock!  Some of these are the last, single examples of their type, so this really is the ‘last chance saloon’ for some of these models.  ‘Phone the office for further details or to purchase.

AL87-211B Decauville 0-4-0T, Blue, Live Steam, 32mm  £1,695.00 + Free R19-24 ‘E’ Van
AL87-212B Decauville 0-6-0T, Black, Live Steam, 32mm  £1,695.00 + Free R19-24 ‘E’ Van
S19-19E L&B 2-6-2T #760 – Exe, Southern Green, Live Steam  £2,165.00 + Free R19-25 ‘Howard’ Van
S19-19T L&B 2-6-2T #761 – Taw, Southern Green, Live Steam  £2,165.00 + Free R19-25 ‘Howard’ Van
S19-26B W&L 2-6-2T #14 – Black, Live Steam  £1,995.00 + Free R19-24 ‘E’ Van
S19-26G W&L 2-6-2T #14 – Green, Live Steam  £1,995.00 + Free R19-24 ‘E’ Van
S19-29A WD Hunslet 4-6-0T (Gauge 1, 45mm), Live Steam  £2,275.00
S19-29B WD Hunslet 4-6-0T (Gauge 0, 32mm), Live Steam  £2,275.00

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