Accucraft Mid-May update

With so much news we thought it would be a sensible to issue a mid-month bulletin!  The 7/8ths” scale ‘Wrens’ are now in stock, we have sorted out some of the stock to be available at our 8th June Open Day and Accucraft US have just issued a list of further bargains from their warehouse search!

Accucraft’s 2019 open day – Saturday 8th June

The format will be much the same, once again at Unit 4, Long Meadow Industrial Estate. We will have factory seconds, damaged items and test samples to sell as well as many ‘end of line’ items. This stock will be offered for sale on a ‘first come, first served’ basis without prior reservation and will include ‘open box’ locomotives, rolling stock and track components as well as sundry ‘kits of parts’ with potential for re-assembly!  As they say, “everything must go!”.  This year there will be a particular emphasis on 1:32 scale products.

We will be supported by associated traders and stands.  We will be running Accucraft locomotives in 1:13.7, 1:19, 1:20.3 and 1:32 scales.  Opening times are 10:30hrs to 16:00hrs and there will be an on site café offering refreshments and light lunches.

Here’s a little taster of some of the stock which we will be offering as ‘open box’ or sale items, as well as new releases on show.

Accucraft US eStore Specials

We are pleased to be able to offer the following items on a strictly ‘first come, first served’ basis from a recent sweep of the Union City warehouse:

AL87-122C D&RGW C-25 #375 Green Boiler Moffat, Coal Fired £5,250.00

AC88-1130 1:20.3 C-16 2-8-0 RGS #9, Electric, (Open Box) £1,755.00

AL88-347AO Alishan Forest Railway 28-Ton Shay, No Sound, Electric, (Open Box) £3,325.50

AC78-533 Whitcomb 45T Side Rod Diesel, Blue, Unlettered, Electric (Open Box) £895.50 – SOLD

CP202 1:20.3 CMP Combine Stone Valley RR # 101, 1 car, Open Box £195.00

AM54-015XO 1:20.3 J&S combine – D&RGW Bumble Bee Yellow Double Stripe, #212 (Open Box) £195.00

AM33-011A Short Caboose – D&RGW #0577 Moffat Logo £170.00

AL97-083A Royal Hudson #2860 “as ran in service” Alcohol Fired, New £3,995.00

AL97-431 E-6 Pennsylvania 4-4-2 #1794, Green Lined, Alcohol Fired, New £3,700.00

1:19 32mm ‘Sir Theodore’ Glyn Valley Tramway Live Steam 0-4-0T, New £1,455.00

S19-11BU Ragleth 0-4-0T Blue, Live Steam £950.00

S19-11B Ragleth 0-4-0T Black, Live Steam £950.00

1:19 ‘NA’ Class Victorian Railway 2-6-2T, Green, Electric, (Open Box) £1,975.00

1:19 ‘NA’ Class Victorian Railway 2-6-2T, Red Livery, Electric, (Open Box) £1,995.00

BR SR Adams B4 0-4-0T #30089 in BR Black, Early Emblem, Open Box £1,055.00

E32-1 1:32 Flying Scotsman #60103, Double-Chimney, Open Box £1,695.00

E32-3 1:32 Flying Scotsman #4472, Single Chimney, Open Box £1,550.00

Aster 1:32 SBB E 3/3 “Tigerli”, Used £1,995.00

You can see full details of these items and their condition here.

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