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As the dust settles from our relocation we have been able to deliver a batch of Gauge 1 A3s to our retailers.  In other news we have acquired a new dealer, the Vale of Rheidol Railway and have received the first samples of the Welshpool & Llanfair sheep wagons, and very nice they are too (make sure you have reserved some with your local dealer).  By the way, don’t forget the Llanfair Garden Railway Show in September, the same weekend as the railway gala!

Welshpool & Llanfair sheep wagons

R19-23C 2

The Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway was well provisioned with goods rolling stock when it was opened in 1902, all of which was supplied by Pickerings and the majority of which survived the closure of the line.  The flat wagons also formed the basis for the W & L sheep wagons with removable side frames dropped into sockets on the wagon floor. The body is also available as a kit for those who wish to update their flat wagons, these kits comprise the four moulded sides only in unpainted plastic and need assembling and painting.

Available in W&L Light Grey, G W Dark Grey, 4 different running numbers in each colour; or data only in light grey and bauxite.  The wagon comes with a 45mm insulated wheel set fitted but a 32mm wheel set is provided for use on ‘0’ gauge. Couplings are chopper type but have a hook fitted if you wish to remove the chopper hook and use 3 link chains.  Versions available, subject to production batch:

R19-23A – W & L SHEEP WAGON W&L LIGHT GREY, choice of numbers
R19-23C – W & L SHEEP WAGON GW DARK GREY, choice of numbers
R19-23D – W & L SHEEP WAGON W&L LIGHT BAUXITE, DATA ONLY (only from Trackshack)

The Vale of Rheidol Railway joins the Accucraft ‘family’!


Geraint Roberts and John Pickersgill from the VoR shop with an Accucraft Shay

We are delighted to announce that the Vale of Rheidol has recently been appointed an Accucraft dealership, filling a geographical ‘hole’ in our national coverage.  It is great to be working with another preserved line and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.  Accucraft (UK) has established a reputation for supporting preservation groups in the United Kingdom and aims to continue this policy wherever possible.

Llanfair Garden Railway Show


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  1. cncmodeller says:

    Great news about the VOR, So the W&L and IOM have been done, So lets have a Rheidol 2-4-0 and an original Davies & Metcalfe 2-6-2 with coaches and ex Hafan wagons.

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