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You may have noticed that we have been rather quiet announcing new products in the last few months.  We have taken a decision that in future we will only announce new models when we have a production sample available to display; this means that all the tooling will be complete and the project can be produced in a six to nine month window following its launch.  Hopefully this means we will be able to eliminate the frustrating delays that have accumulated in recent years and permit prompt delivery of new lines.  This policy also means that at almost every show we attend we will be displaying a new project, such as our Gauge 1 ‘starter’ loco at Bakewell in July.  You are coming to Llanfair, aren’t you?

Kerr Stuart ‘Victory’ 0-6-0T in 1:32 scale

We are delighted to announce what we feel to be the most significant Gauge 1 locomotive for a generation. Although many seem to view 1:32 scale as elitist, we feel that this perception has been caused by live steam manufacturers pursuing models of ever larger prototypes suited to those with very deep pockets, indeed it has been said by some that “there are no more locomotives worth modelling in Gauge 1” – we beg to differ!

Given the demand for our 61XX we were certain that what was needed was a ‘starter’ locomotive for new live steam entrants to the scale. The challenge was finding a prototype that had a long lifespan, good geographical coverage in the U.K. and that offered characteristics that would result in a robust, simple to operate model. Enter the ‘Victory’!

S32-14A - 1

Our model will offer strength and simplicity and we hope it will become the benchmark for starter locos in 1:32 scale in much the same way as ‘Ragleth’ and its predecessors have in 1:19 scale. The loco is internally gas fired with a centre flue boiler, opening smokebox door and has un-insulated wheels as standard. The axles run in bronze bearings and all the rods and valve gear are manufactured from stainless steel. The cab roof flips up and over sideways to give access to the gas, water and lubricator fillers. The boiler is fitted with a water level check valve, a removable dome to allow the fitting of a Goodall valve and the displacement lubricator has an under floor drain valve. The coal in the bunker can be lifted out to give access for radio control fitting. The model is built from stainless steel and brass, and with the correct maintenance, will give a lifetime of pleasure. It is offered in two variations, black with twin safety valves or in ‘Swindon’ condition GWR green with a safety valve bonnet. UK RRP £1050.00 – contact your local retailer now!


Scale: 1:32
Gauge: 45mm
Length: 305mm (12 ins)
Width: 87mm (3 ½ ins)
Height: 120mm (4 ¾ ins)
Min Radius: 1.25m (48 ins)
Weight: 2.95 kg (6 ½ lbs)
Boiler: Centre Flue
Working Pressure: 60psi
Reversing Gear: Piston type, reverse by lever in the cab
Fuel: Butane Gas
Valve Gear: Simulated Stephenson’s link
Boiler Fittings: Safety valve, pressure gauge, water level check valve.
Cab Controls: Steam regulator, gas regulator, reverser, lubricator drain valve.

Colours available, subject to production batch:

S32-14A GWR Green (Swindon safety valve bonnet)
S32-14B Black (Swindon safety valve bonnet)
S32-14C Black (twin safety valves)

WD Baldwin water lifting hose

Rob Bushell of Swift Sixteen is producing a very nice resin water lifting hose for our WD Baldwin 4-6-0T.  The prototype locos used these hoses to re-supply their tanks from rivers, ditches and shell holes!  Our next batch of Baldwins (due this autumn) will be delivered with these as standard (as well as the hoods over the cab spectacles).  However, Swift Sixteen are offering the part as an after-market accessory for those who already have a Baldwin.


You can see full details on the Swift Sixteen website here.

Llanfair Garden Railway Show


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