Accucraft July News

This month we are pleased to say that good progress has been made on a number of key projects.  We have signed off ‘Lew’ (production will commence shortly) and we have received engineering samples of the B4, A3 and W & L cattle van which are illustrated here.  Finally we are issuing a last call for the Pennsylvania T1.

Gauge 1 LSWR/SR/BR B4 0-4-0T

The final version of the Gauge 1 B4

We have now authorised production of these little locos and hope to have delivery during the last quarter of 2012.  The final version incorporates changes to the cab profile, chimney, dome and cab roof to produce a very attractive Gauge 1 loco which we are sure will be popular.

Gauge 1 LNER/BR A3 4-6-2

The live steam Gauge 1 A3 – engineering sample

The engineering sample of the A3 has arrived and we have drawn up a surprisingly small ‘snag’ list for the factory.  The finish is most impressive and given the model’s ease of operation and power we are sure that these locos will give joy to all who own them, especially given their value for money price!  Make sure you have one on order.

16mm Scale Welshpool & Llanfair cattle van

Welshpool & Llanfair cattle van

A picture is worth a thousand words!  We have received the engineering sample of the new Welshpool and Llanfair cattle van and can safely say it’s a beauty.  With all the detail you’d expect from our rolling stock the vehicle is bound to be popular with those who have the rest of our W & L range.  Just add cows!

Gauge 1 Pennsylvania 4-4-4-4 T1

The magnificent Pennsylvania Railroad T1

With just a handful remaining unsold, we are making a last call for this extraordinary Gauge 1 Duplex loco.  The Pennsylvania Railroad’s 4-4-4-4 Class T1 passenger locomotives were their last steam locos. They were not articulated, but were Duplex drive and had poppet valves. The first two, #6110 and #6111, were built by Baldwin in 1942. These locomotives were considered successful and could pull 16 cars at 100 MPH. They were also technically advanced and more efficient than previous designs. Later, 50 more of these were built in 1945-46 for a total of 52. The large tenders carried 38.6 tons of coal, 19,200 gallons of water and could travel between Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Chicago, Illinois with only one stop. The streamline design by Raymond Lowey was the inspiration for the Baldwin Lima “Shark Nose” diesels.

The model is 1:32 Scale, 45mm Gauge with a traditional spirit-fired firebox and has four cylinders with slide valves.  The boiler is rated at 60PSI and has a working pressure gauge, water level gauge, axle water pump with a bypass valve and a hand water pump located in the tender.  The loco is also fitted with a lubricator.  Minimum radius 10’.

AL97-101 Pennsylvania T1 4-4-4-4 Spirit-fired Live Steam only                                     RRP £5350.00

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