New Products

Baguley Drewery diesels and spare parts to be available. Accucraft UK are pleased to announce the return of the Baguley Drewery 0-6-0 diesel loco, now with a completely re-tooled all-metal chassis. The upgraded version of this popular model will be available later this year with an RRP of £299 and the chassis available on its own with an RRP of £199. Part numbers will be as follows:
E19-1B Baguley Drewery 0-6-0 diesel – Black
E19-1BU Baguley Drewery 0-6-0 diesel – Blue
E19-1G Baguley Drewery 0-6-0 diesel – Green
E19-1R Baguley Drewery 0-6-0 diesel – Red
E19-1Y Baguley Drewery 0-6-0 diesel – Yellow
E19-2 Baguley Drewery 0-6-0 diesel chassis (only)

Accucraft UK are also pleased to announce that we have added a range of Service parts to the range. These are parts used in the building of the locos and customers will find them useful in the general service of their models.

Z12 Jet Nozzle (Small) 1 £5.00
Z13 Butane Filler Valve 1 £6.00
Z14 Hex Screws – M1.6×3 10 £5.00
Z15 Hex Screws – M2x2 10 £5.00
Z16 Hex Screws – M2x3 10 £5.00
Z17 Hex Screws – M2x4 10 £5.00
Z18 Hex Screws – M2x6 10 £5.00
Z19 Hex Screws – M2x8 10 £5.00
Z20 Set Screws – M3x6 10 £5.00
Z21 Set Screws – M2x3 10 £5.00
Z22 ‘C’ clip – 2.5mm dia. 10 £5.00

Although the range is limited at present, as batches of locos are delivered to the UK we intend to get extra parts made so we can add them to the list. Soon we hope to have ½ inch diameter cylinder service sets, coupling rods and connecting rods for out standard 0-4-0 and 0-6-0 models.

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