‘TALGARTH’ & ‘SABRINA’ Freelance Live Steam 0-4-0s

We are delighted to announce not one, but two, new generic 0-4-0 locomotives for 16mm (1:19) scale. After many years in production we felt it was time to completely revise the ‘Ragleth’ design, hundreds of which have appeared in the guise of ‘Edrig’, ‘Caradoc’, ‘Mortimer’, ‘Ragleth’ and, most recently, ‘Jedrig’.

In consequence we can now offer you ‘Talgarth’ the tank engine and ‘Sabrina’ the saddle tank (you’ll note that we are still drawing names from Wales and the Welsh Marches!). Both are freelance locomotives with design inspirations from Manning Wardle aimed at providing a robust, entry level model which is easy to maintain and operate. Although the design is still outside-framed it now has the sophistication of simplified Walschaerts valve gear and slide valve cylinders for a smoother performance and enhanced delivery of power. As before, we will also be offering the power unit (complete with boiler) as an ideal starting point for those who might wish to scratch-build their own body in 1:19 or even 1:13.7 scale.

The locomotive is internally gas fired with a centre flue boiler. The model is gauge adjustable from 32mm (‘O’ gauge) to 45mm (‘1′ gauge) and has insulated wheels as standard. The axles run in bronze bearings and all the rods and valve gear are manufactured from stainless steel. The cab roof flips up and over sideways to give access to the gas, water and lubricator fillers. The boiler is fitted with a water gauge and the boiler can be topped up through a Goodall valve hidden under ‘Sabrina’s’ tank filler and inside ‘Talgarth’s’ dummy sand dome. The model is built from stainless steel and brass. The model will be available black, green and red and the power unit (black only).

You can download the instructions here.


Scale: 1:19 (16mm : 1ft)
Gauge: 45 or 32mm – gauge adjustable
Construction: Brass & stainless steel, copper boiler
Mini. Radius: 30 in. (0.75 M)
Length: 13 inches (320mm) over couplings
Width: 4.5 inches (118mm)
Height: 6.5 inches (160mm)


Butane fired
Two slide valve cylinders
Single flue, gas-fired boiler
60 psi working pressure
3/4” Pressure Gauge
Water gauge
Simplified Walschaerts valve gear
Insulated driving wheels

Versions available (subject to production batch):

S19-30B Talgarth 0-4-0T – Black
S19-30BU Talgarth 0-4-0T – Blue
S19-30G Talgarth 0-4-0T – Green
S19-30R Talgarth 0-4-0T – Maroon
S19-30PU Talgarth 0-4-0 Power Unit – Black
S19-31B Sabrina 0-4-0ST – Black
S19-31BU Sabrina 0-4-0ST – Blue
S19-31G Sabrina 0-4-0ST – Green
S19-31R Sabrina 0-4-0ST Maroon

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