Accucraft May News

Welcome to our May update.  We are pleased to say that despite the virus the hobby seems to be in rude good health.  We are open for business via the internet and ‘phone and have spent much of the past six weeks supplying spares and Aster kits!  There has been something like a two month hiatus in production but we are happy to say that the factory is busy completing 1:32 L&SWR Adams Radial tanks and the first 100 or so will be ready for delivery in a couple of weeks – don’t forget that we are offering matching sets of L&SWR suburban coaches to accompany these with a 10% discount!

1:32 Scale L&SWR Adams Radial tank 4-4-2T

The factory has kindly sent us images of some of the liveries that these handsome locomotives will be carrying when they are delivered, the gorgeous Drummond holly green version still carrying an Adams boiler but with a Drummond chimney, the Southern Railway green version fitted with a Drummond boiler, Southern Railway black with ‘sunshine’ lettering, early BR condition with a Drummond boiler with early emblem and in No. 488’s final form running as No. 30583 with an original Adams boiler and late crest.  Enjoy!

1:32 L&SWR Coaches to go with the Radial Tank

With the acquisition of the J&M Coaches range the factory is able to offer a set of L&SWR suburban coaches to go with the Radial Tanks comprising two brake thirds, and all third and a composite first/third in liveries to match all the variations (apart from the East Kent!) of locomotive offered.  I guess if anyone shouts loud enough we might even do them in S&DJR/LMR blue!

R32-20A   J&M L&SWR Bogie Brake Third, salmon pink & brown £695.00
R32-21A   J&M L&SWR Bogie All Third, salmon pink & brown £695.00
R32-22C   J&M L&SWR Bogie First/Third Composite, salmon pink & brown £695.00
R32-23A   J&M L&SWR Bogie Coach set, salmon pink & brown £2641.00

R32-20B   J&M L&SWR/SR Bogie Brake Third, Southern Railway green £650.00
R32-21B   J&M L&SWR/SR Bogie All Third, Southern Railway green £650.00
R32-22B   J&M L&SWR/SR Bogie First/Third Composite, Southern Railway green £650.00
R32-23B   J&M L&SWR/SR Bogie Coach Set, Southern Railway green £2470.00

R32-20C   J&M L&SWR/BR Bogie Brake Third, Southern Region green £650.00
R32-21C   J&M L&SWR/BR Bogie All Third, Southern Region green £650.00
R32-22C   J&M L&SWR/BR Bogie First/Third Composite, Southern Region green £650.00
R32-23C   J&M L&SWR/BR Bogie Coach set, Southern Region green £2470.00

R32-20D   J&M L&SWR/BR Bogie Brake Third, BR Carmine £650.00
R32-21D   J&M L&SWR/BR Bogie All Third, BR Carmine £650.00
R32-22D   J&M L&SWR/BR Bogie First/Third Composite, BR Carmine £650.00
R32-23D   J&M L&SWR/BR Bogie Coach set, BR Carmine £2470.00

Sets comprise, two brake thirds, one composite, one all third, discounted by 5% for a set of four, 10% if ordered with an Adams Radial Tank.  Please email us or ‘phone to discuss your rolling stock needs!

Lockdown Locomotive Lectures

Whilst we have been stuck in the office and unable to attend shows or meetings it has been hard to know what to to do to entertain our customers. So, we came up with the idea of producing a series of short videos looking over some of our recently, or soon to be, released locomotives.  Enjoy!

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