Accucraft November News

Bargains, bonus items and brand new stock!  It’s all happening in November at Accucraft; we bring you news from the U.S. plus shipping updates as well and don’t forget our end of season track and stock sale.

1:20.3 scale C-25 D&RGW 2-8-0 – coal fired

Now in stock!  These superb coal-fired models will be a limited run so don’t miss out!  The first four ordered from us will be supplied with a free Jackson & Sharp coach, D&RGW Yellow Single Strip.

This locomotive, a 2-8-0 or Consolidation type, originally existed as # 103 of the Crystal River Railroad, a narrow gauge line located in the Elk Mountains of central Colorado. It was built in 1903 as C/N 21757 of the Baldwin Locomotive Works, had 33” drivers, 18×20” cylinders, and a tractive effort just short of 25,000 pounds. It was a standard Baldwin design, and other narrow gauge locos of this size and type were built for railroads in the Western Hemisphere.

The D&RG purchased this locomotive from the Crystal River in 1916, numbered it # 432, this number subsequently being changed in 1924 to # 375. The C-25 was affectionately known as the “Baby Mudhen” because its pulling power was close to that of the K-27 class, those engines being known as “Mudhens”. Sadly, on June 21, 1949 the one and only C-25 on the D&RGW was scrapped at Alamosa, Colorado.  You can see the full specification here. The UK RRP is £5,250.00 including VAT, P&P and UK warranty – ‘phone us today!

AL87-121C – C-25 2-8-0 #375 Black Flying Rio Grande – Coal Fired, Live Steam
AL87-122C – C-25 2-8-0 #375 Green Moffat Logo – Coal Fired, Live Steam

1:32 scale J-Class – still available and with a bonus!

The stunning looking Norfolk & Western J-Class 4-8-4 is still available for a bargain £5,950.00 but the deal gets even better since you can add a N&W streamline car set for just another £2000.00 – that’s £7,950.00 for a complete Norfolk & Western train including VAT, P&P and UK warranty!  You can see the full specification for this locomotive (with video) here.

AL97-371-PKG N&W J-class #611 4-8-4, Alcohol Fired w/ Passenger 6 car set

1:20.3 ‘Ruby’ #1 and #2 0-4-0T

The ever popular ‘Rubys’ are now back in stock in both black as #1 or red as #2. These natty little engines are ideal starter locos and are also available as a kit or a complete starter train set with a circle of 2’ radius track, two Iron Mountain coal cars and a bottle of oil.

AC77-010 Ruby #1 Black / AC77-012N Ruby #2 Red – £595.00
AC77-011 Ruby #1 Black (kit) / AC77-013 Ruby #2 Red (kit) – £555.00
PKG01 Ruby #1 Black (set) / PKG02 Ruby #2 Red (set) – £755.00

Last call for Welshpool & Llanfair coaches!

The final batch of Welshpool & Llanfair coaches are due to arrive in the UK in late November.  We have no plans to run these again and forward orders have been strong.  If you don’t want to miss out we suggest you make sure you have a reservation with your local dealer.

End of Season Track Sale

G201-03 Brass Flex Track Euro Style Straight 3′ – 12pcs per box – £150.00
G201-04 Code 332 4′ DIA Brass Curve Track Euro Style – 12 pcs per box – £75.00
G201-05 Code 332 5′ DIA Brass Curve Track Euro Style – 12 pcs per box – £100.00
G201-11 Code 332 11.5′ DIA Brass Curve Track Euro Style – 12 pcs per box – £200.00
G201-12 Code 332 12.5′ DIA Brass Curve Track Euro Style – 12 pcs per box – £225.00
G201-15 Code 332 15′ DIA Brass Curve Track Euro Style – 12 pcs per box – £270.00
G201-20 Code 332 20′ DIA Brass Curve Track Euro Style – 12 pcs per box – £350.00
G293-04 Code 332 4′ DIA Aluminium Curve Track Euro Style – 12 pcs per box – £60.00
G218-8L Code 332 4’ Radius Switch Euro Style – Manual Left – £60.00
G218-8R Code 332 4’ Radius Switch Euro Style – Manual Right – £60.00

‘Open Box’ UK items

S19-26O W & L No. 14 2-6-2T – GOLDEN OCHRE – £1450.00
S78-3B BAGNALL 0-4-0ST – BLACK (7/8ths” SCALE) – £1100.00
S78-3G BAGNALL 0-4-0ST – GREEN (7/8ths” SCALE) – £1100.00
S78-3R BAGNALL 0-4-0ST – RED (7/8ths” SCALE) – £1100.00
R19-21 L & B COMPOSITE COACH – £125.00 (these coaches have water-damaged boxes)

‘Open Box’ US items

AL88-136 C19 RGS #41 Black Electric – £1500.00
AM54-016 Jackson & Sharp coach set D&RGW Yellow Single Strip (4 cars) – £850.00

Please let us know your requirements as soon as possible

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