August news from Accucraft

A live steam “Flying Scotsman” in 1:32 scale (Gauge 1), Accucraft’s first national competition for home-builders using our power units, W & L cattle vans announced and the new Accucraft (US) Whitcomb diesels – it’s all happening here this month!


We are currently developing a 1:32 scale live steam version of our very successful electric  LNER A3 Class “Flying Scotsman”.  The model will be gas-fired and have all the features the Gauge 1 fraternity have come to expect from an Accucraft locomotive.  The chassis is constructed from stainless steel. Boiler, cab and tender are constructed from etched brass. Like other fine scale models from Accucraft, it will provide many years of enjoyment.  The target RRP will be £2495.00.

Sir Nigel Gresley was renowned for his Pacific express locomotives, the first of which, the A1 class, entered service in 1922. The A3 was a modification of the A1 and over time all of the surviving A1s were rebuilt as A3s. No. 4472 “Flying Scotsman” was built in 1923 and went on to become one of the most famous steam locomotives in the world setting many records along the way. After the war it was renumbered 103 then, after the nationalisation, carried the number 60103, remaining in service on the East Coast mainline until 1963. During its service career it covered over 2,000,000 miles and travelled non-stop from London to Edinburgh in 8 hours. It was sold into private ownership, was sent to America and Australia and is today under restoration at The National Railway Museum in York.


Fuel:  Butane gas fired
Minimum Radius: 2m (6′ 6”)
Construction:  Copper boiler, Brass boiler jacket, Brass cab, Brass tender, Steel drivers
Features:  Walschaerts valve gear, Safety valve, Water level glass, Pressure gauge, Lubricator, Gas tank in tender (water bath), Axle water pump with bypass valve, Water hand pump with check valve, Slide valve cylinders

Liveries (subject to production batch):
BR Brunswick Green #60103 (as Running Early 1960’s) w/ Double Chimney and Deflectors
BR Brunswick Green #60103 (as Running Early 1950’s) with Single Chimney
LNER Doncaster Green #4472, (as Running 1975) with Single Chimney
LNER Doncaster Green #4472 (as Running in the 21st C.) with Double Chimney and Deflectors

To register your interest, either leave a comment on this page or contact us here.


In light of buoyant sales of our power units, we are happy to announce that we are organising an annual competition to find the best locomotive built up using the ‘Edrig’ or ‘Ragleth’ 0-4-0 chassis or the ‘Lawley’ 0-6-0 power unit.  Entries can be to any scale running on 32mm or 45mm gauge track, and we will feature these on a dedicated page of our website.  Tag Gorton, editor of Garden rail magazine, will judge the entrants and the winners will be announced in March so that the top three can be displayed at the 16mm Association show in April where the prizes will be awarded.  First prize will be an Accucraft power unit and the runners up will be presented with items of rolling stock from the Accucraft range.  Full terms and details of how to enter can be seen as a PDF file – ACCUCRAFT POWER UNIT COMPETITION.

A good basis for the competition – an ‘Edrig’ 0-4-0 power unit


We are delighted to say that we are adding the Welshpool & Llanfair Railway cattle van to the already comprehensive range of W & L rolling stock we produce.  The van will be modelled on the original design before rebuilding by the G.W.R. and as such will be available in W & L light grey, light grey (data only) and dark grey (data only).  A release date in 2012 and the RRP will be announced in a subsequent newsletter.


Accucraft (US) have announced production of a Whitcomb Bo-Bo diesel in 1.20.3 scale (45mm gauge) and our dealers are taking advance orders for these now at a promotional RRP of just £875.  The prototype 45 ton locos were built as a batch of 37 in 1942.  Ordered by the military for war critical work six found their way to Hawaii with the Navy of which two were eventually preserved.  The Whitcomb is 25 feet 6 inches long, 9 feet wide and 11 feet 6 inches high at the cab roof. They are powered by two HBI 600 Cummins 150 HP diesel engines driving Westinghouse 189-R7 230 volt direct current generators. There is one Westinghouse 1443-A traction motor per truck with power being transmitted by coupling (side) rods to the unpowered axle. Electrical control is Westinghouse. Locomotive and train brakes are Westinghouse Air Brake Co. and supplied by two Quincy 30 CFM belt driven air compressors located in the cab.  Ideal for short-lines or industrial settings, the model will be available in Caterpillar yellow, grey, blue and green and full details can be viewed here.  Due for release in autumn 2011, contact your local dealer to reserve one now!


We are now listing a growing number of spares and accessories on our website which can be purchased from your local dealer or directly from us.  However, there is an occasional demand for mechanical and cosmetic parts for locos and rolling stock which we cannot list but do keep in stock.  Please contact us with your requirements and we will try to help you out (subject to price and availability).

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4 Responses to August news from Accucraft

  1. Bert says:

    Is the A3 to be a 3 cyl. or 2 cyl. model? when is delivery planned. Yes I’m interested. She was rebuilt at Darlington for Peglar. I still have photo of her in North Road erection shop.

    Could the Manning Wardle engine be ordered in black unlettered? Also interested.

    • Accucraft UK Ltd says:

      The A3 will be a two cylinder loco, to keep it simple and affordable! Delivery will be in 2012.

      The L & B Manning Wardle will be released in SR green. As for a black version – watch this space…..

  2. gary chambers says:

    As an owner of your electric A3 I would be delighted to buy a steam version RTR, however as funds are limited for the amount of engines I can purchase do I want two Flying Scotsmen? So how about another version like Great Northern for us electric owners.

    • Accucraft UK Ltd says:

      Gary, thanks for your interest. We have decided that three of the versions will be available unnamed and unnumbered, ask your local retailer to reserve one in this form. It is only appropriate that the loco with smoke deflectors and LNER livery carries the number 4472!

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