Accucraft December News.

Happy Christmas!

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for your continued support during 2020. If we thought 2019 had been a tough year we clearly had no idea what 2020 had in store for us!  However, the company has, thus far, weathered the storm and we hope that you have not been too badly affected by the pandemic.  It is clear that a lot of people have been stuck at home with time on their hands and the arrival of the Accucraft Radial tank kits and the brand new Aster B1 kits have proved to be a remedy for this!  It is also apparent that many of you have been rummaging in cupboards for that “never built” Aster kit and we’d like to thank our colleagues in Japan for supplying so many spare parts for models which have been out of production for years.  Our office will be closed for the Christmas period from 22nd December, reopening on 4th January although emails will still be monitored; the last date for UK orders/deliveries will be 17th December.

Now available – Talyllyn Railway 0-4-2ST No.1 TalyllynORDER NOW!

TR No.1 Talyllyn is now in available although some versions are already out of stock. The next batch will not be shipped until the new year so don’t miss out if you would like one for Christmas!  The model is built to a scale of 16mm:1′ (1:19 scale), internally gas-fired with a centre flue boiler. The model is not gauge adjustable but is available in either 32mm (‘O’ gauge) or 45mm (‘1′ gauge) and does not have insulated wheels. Although fitted with TR buffers and couplings the model can be fitted with our Z1/Z2 chopper couplings for those who wish to use them.  UK RRP £1675.00 – Versions available:

S19-34A ‘Talyllyn’ 0-4-2ST Live Steam, 32mm gauge – TR Green
S19-34B ‘Talyllyn’ 0-4-2ST Live Steam, 32mm gauge – Indian Red
S19-34C ‘Talyllyn’ 0-4-2ST Live Steam, 32mm gauge – Black – CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
S19-35A ‘Talyllyn’ 0-4-2ST Live Steam, 45mm gauge – TR Green – CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
S19-35B ‘Talyllyn’ 0-4-2ST Live Steam, 45mm gauge – Indian Red
S19-35C ‘Talyllyn’ 0-4-2ST Live Steam, 45mm gauge – Black

New for 2021 – SAR/SAS NG6 ‘Lawley’ 4-4-0 – PRE -ORDER

Although the project got knocked back by the pandemic, progress continues to be made with our forthcoming ‘Lawley’.  Gordon Watson of Argyle Locomotive Works kindly assembled a trial chassis to demonstrate the full Stephenson valve gear and the factory is now working up production drawings.

The museum quality model is internally gas fired and is gauge adjustable for either 32mm (‘0’ gauge) or 45mm (‘1’ gauge) – all the parts for this are supplied with the model. This operation can be undertaken by the owner and only takes a few minutes. The cab roof lifts up to give access to the water and lubricator fillers. The boiler is fitted with a water gauge, pressure gauge and the lubricator has an under floor drain, the gas tank is in a water bath in the tender. The model is fitted with slide valves, functioning Stephenson valve gear and is built from stainless steel, copper and brass and will be supplied with both single and double-skinned cab roofs as well as a choice of glazed or louvred cab windows.  Estimated UK RRP £2950.00 inc. VAT.

New for 2021 – 16mm (1:19) Scale ‘Large’ Quarry Hunslet – PRE-ORDER

As soon as we had a chance to run our model of Dolgoch last March we realised that the design brief for this small locomotive had produced an almost perfect balance of performance and duration and, despite having instinctively avoided some of the smaller designs, the possibilities for new engines were now numerous.  With Talyllyn No.1 delivered we are concentrating on the Quarry Hunslet, a design whose characteristics will be much the same as the TR models and should be a real crowd-pleaser.

The model is gas-fired and fitted with a water top up valve, water check valve, miniature pressure gauge; constructed of stainless steel and etched brass with a copper boiler, the model will, as usual, be covered by our two-year warranty.  The anticipated UK RRP is £1595.00 (subject to the usual provisos), available Q1 2021. Colours available, subject to production batch:

S19-37A Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST in Red
S19-37B Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST in Black
S19-37C Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST in Penrhyn Lined Black
S19-37D Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST in Blue

Christmas Special – L&SWR Radial Tanks – ORDER NOW!

This really is the last opportunity to pick up one of these beautiful Victorian locomotives.  The final batch of these has just arrived in the UK which means we have just a few examples of each livery left in stock including the new variant, a Drummond green example carrying a Drummond boiler and numbered 486.  This is also the last opportunity you will have to avail yourselves of the chance to pick up a matching set of L&SWR carriages at a 10% discount (if you have purchased a Radial tank).  You can see all the liveries available here.  UK RRP £1995.00 while remaining stock lasts, kits £1875.00.  If ordered during December we will also supply a box of four Southern Railway RCH wagons for £150.00 – a 50% discount!

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