Accucraft February News

Welcome to our February newsletter.  This month we bring you news of some bumper rolling stock bargains to be had if you purchase one of the new Aster-Accucraft Mikados

Aster-Accucraft Light and Heavy Mikados + discounted rolling stock

In association with Accucraft US we are running a special programme in conjunction with the new Aster-Accucraft Light and Heavy Mikados.  Any purchase of an Aster-Accucraft Light or Heavy Mikado, in kit form or RTR, entitles the customer to a 20% discount when purchasing either AAR Box Cars or 40’ Reefer Cars, up to a total of 24 cars.

The Aster-Accucraft Mikados are available in a wide variety of road names, the Light Mikados have a UK RRP of £4550.00 RTR (£3550 in kit form) and the Heavy version carries a UK RRP of £4950.00 (£3950.00 in kit form).  You can find the full specification for both these models and a list of road names here.

To go with these superb locomotives we can offer box cars or reefers of the appropriate type for just £95.00 (normal UK RRP £119.00), up to a total of 24 cars per locomotive purchased.  Accucraft UK can also supply the full inventory of US rolling stock available from our sister company in California, the full range is exclusively available from Accucraft UK and availability can be found on the eStore

1:32 40’ Reefer Cars

New Roadnames:

– AM32-517 Milwaukee Road (URTX reporting marks) 30004, 30316, 31053, 32042, 33109, 33700

– AM32-518 American Refrigerator Transit (ART reporting marks) 24006, 24164, 24251, 24330, 24410, 24441

Rerun Roadnames:

– AM32-509 Northern Pacific 91315, 91318, 91330, 91336, 91340, 91345

– AM32-511 Great Northern (Western Fruit Express) 68171, 68174, 68179, 68184, 68187, 68189

– AM32-512 New York Central (Merchants Dispatch) 9052, 9060, 9071, 9078, 9085, 9099

1:32 AAR Box Cars

New Roadnames:

– AM32-563 Erie Railroad 79000, 79007, 79025, 79069, 79108, 79155

– AM32-564 CB&Q 30005, 30068, 30199, 31234, 32555, 33807

– AM32-565 St. Louis Southwestern (SSW) 33700, 33715, 33745, 33769, 33821, 33849

– AM32-566 Southern Pacific (Overnight Service) 97675, 97704, 97823, 97937, 98012, 98061

Rerun Roadnames:

– AM32-561 New York Central 157161, 157287, 157376, 157483, 158065, 158072

– AM32-562 Great Northern 5017, 5044, 5115, 5166, 5279, 5280

Terms and conditions: Offer only valid to buyers of an Aster-Accucraft Light Mikado or Heavy Mikado from an authorized Aster-Accucraft Dealer. Proof of purchase required. Second hand buyers are not eligible. Only current 1:32 Box Car and Reefer Car inventory are eligible for program. Upcoming production of box cars and reefers can be pre-ordered. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer non-transferable. Subject to availability. Purchase of Mikado and rolling stock does not have to be at the same time. Program ends July 31st, 2019. Programme rules, terms, and dates subject to change without notice.

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