Accucraft February News

Gauge 1 price increases, A4, Black 5 and ‘Victory’

Unfortunately due to the ‘Brexit’ effect and the large decrease in the value of Sterling against the US Dollar we have had to review the costs of the above projects and have no alternative but to raise the recommended retail prices. These will be finalised at time of production but we think (assuming Sterling falls no further) they will be in the region of the following: A4 – £3,750; Black 5 – £2,750; and ‘Victory’ – £1275. These prices include VAT.

Please contact the retailer you placed your order with to confirm your order. We will require the confirmed orders by 1st March for ‘Victory’ and the 3rd April for the A4 and Black 5.

Since the A4 and Black 5 both require further re-tooling these models have had to be moved back in the production schedule.  However, this does mean that ‘Victory’, which is fully tooled, will be the next model after the ⅞ths” scale Bagnall to go into production.

Draft Fans

Ideal for those with an alcohol problem (meths-firing that is!), these battery-powered fans induce a draft when lighting up an internally fired locomotive and can be used for most Gauge 1, 1:32 Scale models.  The UK RRP is £85.00 and they are now in stock.

Draft Fan

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