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This month we bring you news of a number of U.S. projects now coming to fruition.  Locomotives both great (the ‘Allegheny’) and smaller (the E-6) are sure to enhance 1:32 Scale railroads, whether multi-track or short line. We also have an update on some of the 1:32 rolling stock range.


The Chesapeake & Ohio H-8 class 2-6-6-6 ‘Allegheny’ #1647 (late version) live steam is now available, electric versions of the ‘Allegheny’ are expected in June/July 2016. The debate as to which is the largest steam locomotive ever built goes on to this day. It has always been between Union Pacific’s Big Boy and the C&O Allegheny. How can a 4-8-8-4 weigh less than a 2-6-6-6? The answer may come from the fact that the Allegheny’s boiler is a bit larger than the Big Boy! The listed figure of weight on the Allegheny is 724,500 lbs however this figure goes as high as 778,000lbs on engines 1600-1609 for the 1941 Lima built locomotives. The general published weight on the Big Boy is 772,250 lbs. Since the Allegheny produced 7,498 horsepower compared to 6,900 for the Big Boy, the race for the biggest and most powerful starts to lean toward the Allegheny. However the jury is still out on this subject, and it’s safe to say that both machines were awesome, and represent the pinnacle of steam locomotive development in North America.


The live steam model is 1:32 scale, 45mm gauge and is butane-fired with four cylinders with slide valves, working Baker valve gear, double safety valves, an axle water pump, a hand operated water pump in the tender, water drain valve, water level glass, super-heater, pressure gauge, adjustable hydrostatic lubricator, and is R/C ready. The model is also available in electric form with 0~24 V DC, Pittman motors operating lights, working couplers, ball bearing tender wheels and much more – sound ready. Minimum radius 10′.

AL97-413 C&O H-8 class ‘Allegheny’ #1647, late version, live steam                 UK RRP £6850.00

AL98-411  C&O “Allegheny”, Early Version 1941, #1601, electric                  UK RRP £6375.00
AL98-413  C&O “Allegheny”, Late Version 1947, #1647, electric                   UK RRP £6375.00
AL98-415  Virginian Railway “Blue Ridge” #900, electric                                  UK RRP £6375.00


Arrival of the Pennsylvania E-6 class 4-4-2 is expected July/August 2016. The E-6 class were the last 4-4-2 ‘Atlantic’ type locomotives built by the Pennsylvania Railroad. A total of 83 were constructed between 1910 and 1914. These modern design Atlantics featured a large and free-steaming boiler, outside Walschaerts valve gear, piston valves on the cylinders, and a cast steel KW pattern trailing truck designed by the PRR’s Chief Mechanical Engineer, William F, Keisel Jr. Although replaced by larger K-4 class Pacifics on most top-rated trains, the E-6s remained popular on lesser services, especially commuter operations around the New Jersey seashore routes. Nine were transferred to the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines; some were also leased to PRR subsidiary Long Island Rail Road. Below is an image of the engineering sample.

AL97-431         PRR E-6 class 4-4-2 #1974, Green (lined), alcohol fired     UK RRP £3190.00
AL97-432         PRR E-6 class 4-4-2 #460, Brunswick green, alcohol fired     UK RRP £3000.00
AL97-435         PRR E-6 class 4-4-2 #1974, Green (lined), butane fired     UK RRP £3190.00
AL97-436         PRR E-6 class 4-4-2 #460, Brunswick green, butane fired     UK RRP £3000.00


AL98-431         PRR E-6 class 4-4-2 #1974, Green Lined, electric     UK RRP £2750.00
AL98-432         PRR E-6 class 4-4-2 #460, Brunswick green, electric     UK RRP £2750.00



1:32 scale, 45mm gauge steel cupola cabooses for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, due for delivery in May. These cabooses nicely complement the 1:32 scale C&O “Allegheny” (in both live steam OR electric). The cabooses will be of all brass construction and come factory painted and lettered to represent the late 1940s to mid-1950s era. Features will include:

• Brass and steel construction
• Metal wheels
• Detailed underbody detail and draft gear
• Four road numbers
• Working knuckle couplers

American Car & Foundry built 100 cabooses in C&O series 90200-90299 in 1949. Delivered in bright red, beginning in the late 1950s they were repainted into overall yellow with blue lettering. Our models will represent the as-delivered appearance. They will not feature an interior. The C&O caboose is limited to 100 units, 25 of each number.

AL93-055  Chesapeake & Ohio Steel Caboose, Red #90200     UK RRP £405.00
AL93-056  Chesapeake & Ohio Steel Caboose, Red #90212     UK RRP £405.00
AL93-057  Chesapeake & Ohio Steel Caboose, Red #90249     UK RRP £405.00
AL93-058  Chesapeake & Ohio Steel Caboose, Red #90277     UK RRP £405.00


With immediate effect the UK RRP of the six car sets has been increased to £1700.00 and individual cars to £300.00 each.  Currently 1:32 scale Canadian Pacific and Southern Pacific passenger cars are available and additional Streamline Passenger Cars in all road names will arrive between March and June 2016.

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